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Wanderlei Silva hit by car on his bike, fractures foot

Brazilian MMA star Wanderlei Silva was hit by a car in his hometown Curitiba.
Photo via Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in Curitiba, Brazil, on Wednesday night.

In an interview with Tribuna, the former PRIDE champion revealed he suffered a fracture on his right foot and was left with abrasions on his face. The man offered help and drove Silva to the hospital.

“I could even have died if I wasn’t wearing a helmet,” Silva told the newspaper. “People have to be more careful in traffic. It’s hard to ride bikes in Curitiba.”

This is not the first time Silva was hit by a car in his hometown. In May 2016, Silva was victim of a hit-and-run after leaving the gym on a bicycle.

“That made me rethink my life and made me grow a lot,” Silva said at the time. “Live well because it’s over soon. God bless you — and if you’re riding a bike, use a helmet because we never know when we’re going to need it.”

Silva hasn’t fought since a 2018 knockout loss to Quinton Jackson in Bellator. The 51-fight veteran told MMA Fighting in May he was interested in coming back to action for a possible bare knuckle boxing clash with Mike Tyson or a MMA rematch with Vitor Belfort.

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