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Mickey Gall on Mike Perry fight: ‘I think it’s one of the dumbest fighters versus one of the smartest’

Mickey Gall stayed ready for a short notice opportunity, and when the UFC came calling with an offer to fight Mike Perry, he was more than happy to accept.

According to the 28-year-old New Jersey native, Perry’s name has previously been floated to him, but for whatever reason, a fight never came together. Now, the welterweights will serve as the co-main event for UFC on ESPN 12 on Saturday at UFC APEX.

Considering Gall’s entry into the UFC was originally based around a showdown with former WWE superstar CM Punk, he’s well aware of the spotlight that shines every time he competes. He’s faced more than his share of high-profile opponents, and while Perry certainly fits that bill, Gall said it wasn’t a requirement – that’s just what the UFC presented.

“It does and it doesn’t [matter],” Gall told MMA Fighting. “This game, you develop in your fights a lot. So it’s great when it’s guys like [Carlos] Condit or Perry. But at the same time, the guy I accepted a fight with a couple of weeks ago wasn’t a big name, but I’m looking to grow every fight.

“It’s better when they have a bigger name for sure. It gets you more attention and you’re higher up on the card. But I’m ready to fight anyone. I didn’t get into this sport to be picky and choosy.”

With this fight, Gall will take on one of the most devastating knockout artists in the welterweight division. Perry stormed into the UFC with highlight-reel finishes in four of his first five fights inside the octagon, two of which resulted in performance bonuses.

Lately, Perry has seen how the other half lives. HHe’s gone just 2-5 in his past seven fights with both wins coming by decision. He’s also suffered his first knockout loss after Geoff Neal finished him in just 90 seconds this past December.

Despite some rough outings, Gall appreciates the kind of do-or-die attitude that Perry carries into all of his fights. But he also believes that doesn’t exactly exemplify his fight IQ.

“I’m a low-key Mike Perry fan,” Gall said. “The dude’s fun, he’s exciting, violent. He’s a savage. But I’m a killer. I think it’s one of the dumbest fighters versus one of the smartest.

“I may be the one with less experience, but I’m a smart kid and I’m athletic as hell. I’ve got a lot of kill moves that I’m going to put on display. I think Perry’s going to be a good win for me.”

When it comes to the actual matchup, Gall understands that standing and trading bombs with Perry is probably the worst possible game plan for him. On the flipside, he’s confident that Perry would struggle just as much if not more if this fight hits the floor.

“I got a hard f**king head – we’ll see,” Gall said. “We’re going to put that to the test a little bit. I’ve never been knocked out, so we’ll see. He’s going to be a good guy to test that. As a martial artist, that fires me up. I want him to come and try. I want him to try and kill me. I’m going to be in there trying to kill him. That’s what this sport is about.

“If we’re looking at the biggest gap in each other’s skill set, it’s probably going to be my grappling. I think it’s head and shoulders above his. But it’s a fight. I’m going to be in there, I’m going to crack him and if the takedown comes, the takedown comes. I’m just going to be me.”

Just after the bout was announced, Perry took a shot at Gall on Twitter when he commented that all of his competition in the UFC has been “top tier,” but now they were granting him a chance to face a “weak ass opponent.”

Hearing that didn’t exactly surprise Gall, who hopes Perry is carrying that same kind of attitude into the cage this weekend.

“I hope he thinks I’m a weak-ass opponent,” Gall said. “I hope he thinks that. We’ll see what happens on the 27th.

“Like I said, he’s going to be a savage, I’m going to be a killer in there. I’m going to take my time. I’m going to find what I need. I’m going to take him apart.”

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