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Chad Mendes blasts ‘wooden eye having pr*ck’ Michael Bisping, calls USADA a ‘crock of sh*t’ program

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Chad Mendes and Michael Bisping are both retired, but they’ve exchanged a lot fighting words lately.

The beef between the fighters initially started after Mendes commented on a post made by Tim Kennedy on Instagram where he talked about his 2014 win over Bisping. The former middleweight champion then fired back at Mendes in a private message that he later revealed on his “Believe You Me” podcast.

“I did see Chad Mendes the wee f*cking sh*te, he f*cking went on Tim Kennedy’s page and called me ignorant, disrespectful and all this type of stuff,” Bisping said via Bloody Elbow. “You little steroid cheating f*ck. Don’t be sour because your career amounted to nothing. Ignorant and disrespectful? What, like disrespecting the sport by taking steroids by dishonoring yourself and your opponent in a sport that someone could die? Shame on you, you little dipsh*t.”

Now, Mendes has responded in a lengthy Instagram post aimed at Bisping. The three-time UFC title challenger also addressed his two-year suspension while taking a shot at the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

“Hey Michael Bisping, let’s get some sh*t straight here,” Mendes wrote on Instagram. “When I LET USADA suspend me it was for a banned peptide under their rules. NOT a steroid. Just to put some sh*t into perspective for morons like you, too much caffeine in your system is a violation under USADA rules.

“That entire system is the biggest crock of sh*t ever implemented into the UFC. Unlike all these other guys getting “popped” and making up the worst excuses ever to wheel and deal their suspension down, I owned that sh*t like a man.”

Back in 2016, Mendes tested positive for GHRP-6 (a growth hormone releasing peptide), which he said came as a result from using a topical cream for psoriasis. Ultimately, Mendes admitted his mistake and accepted the two-year sanction handed down by USADA.

Mendes finished his tirade by telling Bisping to quiet down – or he’d handle him just like a UFC Hall of Famer previously did.

“Now keep my name outta your mouth you old, wooden eye having pr*ck before snatch your soul like my boy Dan Henderson did,” Mendes wrote.

The photo posted by Mendes was taken just after Henderson knocked Bisping out at UFC 100.

While this might be just about the most unexpected feud between retired fighters in 2020, the volatility between Mendes and Bisping isn’t fading away. Bisping quickly responded to Mendes’ post and took a screen shot.

“Hahaha this is awesome,” Bisping wrote. “You know what you have in common with every other cheating c*nt? You’re also a lying c*nt also. No one admits to being a b*tch.”

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