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Darren Till explains Mike Perry joke website, says only Colby Covington has crossed line on trash talk

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

UFC middleweight Darren Till is just trying to have a little fun. Even if that fun involves descriptions of sex acts on the loved ones of others, there’s not much that’s off-limits for the UK star.

“This is fighting mate, and I don’t think there is a line,” Till explained to ex-champ Michael Bisping on the “Believe You Me” video podcast. “I think kids, yeah, that’s a line you don’t cross. OK. I think I’ve seen one fighter cross that line – I think it was Colby [Covington], I think he crossed the line – but same again, for me, it doesn’t cross the line for me.”

And so, Till jabbed at Perry – and continued to jab – by creating a fake website calling the UFC welterweight, his one-time sparring partner and actual rival, a bum. He also said he authored multiple Twitter accounts to repeat a crass joke toward the fighter’s new girlfriend.

“We were just having a bit of back and forth, and maybe because he’s got a new girl, he took it to heart,” Till said. “Like, I don’t take nothing to heart. You can say what you want about me. Until you lay hands on me, it’s fun. So I just said I would raw dog his girl, and the whole fan base just jumped on it. Those English fans, they’re just rough, mate.

“He said he’s going to kick me mum in the face and f*ck her, and I was just like, ‘Go for it.’ It’s a good response. Go for it. I’ll help you.”

Till, who on July 25 faces ex-champ Robert Whittaker on “Fight Island” in a bout he expects could crown the next title challenger, said his interactions with Perry started on a fun note. The idea was to create a little beef to keep fans interested while everyone was on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We were chatting, me and Mike, and I don’t know if he’s being serious,” Till said. “We were chatting in the DMs and it was good fun, let’s have a bit of beef. I don’t if I took it too far, because I said I was going to ‘raw dog’ his girl, but he took it serious, and he blocked me. I was like, ‘What the f*ck?’ He blocked me on Facebook. Mike really blocked me. So I made another account and I started commenting, ‘raw dog, raw dog,’ and he blocked that account. So I made another account. He’s blocked everything. I can’t see sh*t no more.”

Since that episode, Till said people have told him to stop going after Perry in case a real fight breaks out the next time they see each other. But Till isn’t worried about that.

“A lot of people said, ‘Knock it in the head, Darren. He’s unstable.’ So I did, but then I created this website, and it’s f*cking hilarious. ... If he sees me, he might want to have a fight. You know where I come from. You know I’m about that life.”

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