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Darren Till creates joke website to escalate feud with Mike Perry

Darren Till
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Just because Darren Till has an important fight with former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker coming up, it doesn’t mean he can’t make time to indulge other rivals.

Till has had an ongoing feud with Mike Perry for several years now, dating back to when Till and Perry were rising up the ranks at welterweight. Now at 185 pounds, Till appeared to have moved on, but a recent social media exchange between the two involving Till making unsavory remarks about Perry’s girlfriend and Perry responding in kind has the two at odds again.

The animosity has grown to the point that Till has created a website dedicated to trolling Perry titled Currently, the site is simply a brief gallery of Perry on the losing end of fights and four images of the websit’es “partners,” all of which are just Till photoshopped onto various MMA personalities including UFC President Dana White.

All four images contain a hyperlink that leads to a YouTube video of Perry losing a boxing match to Kenneth McNeil from March 2015.

For the time being, a Till-Perry matchup remains strictly hypothetical — and would likely require Perry to move up in weight — as they both have upcoming fights booked. Till meets Whittaker in the main event of a July 25 UFC Fight Night card in Abu Dhabi, while Perry takes on Mickey Gall on June 27 in Las Vegas.

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