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Claudia Gadelha responds to Carla Eparza’s greasing accusation: ‘Stop with your f*cking excuses’

After winning a controversial split decision over Angela Hill at UFC on ESPN 8, Claudia Gadelha sought to run back another close fight.

Gadelha called for a rematch with Carla Esparza, which got a quick response from the inaugural strawweight champion.

Asked to respond to Esparza’s tweet, Gadelha looked incredulous.

“It’s 2020,” she said. “The sport is evolving so much, c’mon. I have the commission following me from the time I step into the octagon to the time the fight is finish. How the f*ck am I going to grease? Carla Esparza, stop with your f*cking excuses, and let’s get back in there again.”

The previous time Gadelha and Esparza shared the octagon, Gadelha took home a split decision. According to MMA Decisions, an overwhelming majority of media outlets scored the bout in her favor, 29-28.

On Saturday night, scores were less charitable to the Brazilian vet. All but four of 17 outlets scoring for UFC on ESPN 8 ruled Gadelha the loser against Hill, who was visibly shocked at the decision.

Since her win over Esparza, Gadelha has gone 2-1 in the octagon, while Esparza has racked up a 3-1 record. On Wednesday, the ex-champ earned her third consecutive win with a split call over Michelle Waterson. Media scores were virtually even, with eight of 17 outlets giving Esparza the nod.

In other words, luck has been on both Gadelha and Esparza’s side. But Gadelha didn’t fault her one-time opponent’s most recent work, though she wasn’t thrilled with it.

“Right now, I wouldn’t say much, because everybody is going through crazy times, and it’s tough to train,” she said. “It’s tough to do anything. I don’t know how her camp was. Not a lot of things happened in that fight, so I can’t say much.”

Prior to Saturday’s fight, Gadelha expressed confidence that she remains in the title picture despite a previous title setback.

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