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Chael Sonnen targets Jon Jones in Twitter tirade after UFC champ takes jab at ‘has-been’

Jon Jones will try to defend his title against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159.
Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jon Jones didn’t mention Chael Sonnen’s name when he recently took to Twitter. But “The American Gangster” definitely got the message.

On Saturday, Jones responded to a number of messages and included one veiled shot at Sonnen.

“Who is this?” Jones wrote. “Has been with now man boobs making money off of YouTube getting hit talking about Jon Jones?”

It didn’t take much for Jones’ followers to deduce he was referring to Sonnen, who’s built a popular podcast and YouTube channel over the past few years.

“That took a whole 25 seconds for you guys to figure out, impressive,” Jones wrote.

Sonnen obviously figured it out as well, because he unleashed a huge series of messages taking direct aim at Jones — without ever mentioning him by name — while referencing many of the UFC light heavyweight champion’s past discretions.

“Guy, you’re the only fighter in UFC history with more mug shots than Al Capone,” Sonnen said. “More wrecks than Evel Kneivel. More gunshots that Seal Team 6. More booze than David Crosby with Ernest Hemingway sitting on his shoulders.

“You have permanent handcuff creases in your wrists. You’ve handed over more belts and shoelaces than a convention of haberdashers. The only fighter who gets asked for more picks from police photographers than star struck fans. But on that rare occasion when a fan asks for a pic, do you give them the side view out of habit?”

Sonnen wasn’t close to finished, as he continued his diatribe by referencing Jones’ recent DUI arrest in New Mexico.

“If you ever drove sober, the networks would cover it live with helicopters,” he wrote.

Sonnen continued with several more messages taking shots at Jones and his history, both inside and outside the cage.

For his part, Jones only made the single reference to Sonnen while instead spending the majority of his time on social media focusing on his gaudy list of accomplishments as he continues to add to his resume with every performance.

“I’m already the greatest light heavyweight there’s ever been,” Jones wrote. “GOAT conversation been over. As far as pound-for-pound best, been in and out of that conversation my entire career. That’s always going to be an option.”

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