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Alistair Overeem vs. Walt Harris full fight video highlights

Watch Alistair Overeem vs. Walt Harris full fight video highlights from UFC on ESPN 8’s main event above, courtesy of the UFC and ESPN.

UFC on ESPN 8: Overeem vs. Harris took place May 16 at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Fla. Alistair Overeem (46-18) and Walt Harris (13-8) battled in a heavyweight contest, which aired live on ESPN. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Overeem vs. Harris, check out the live blog from MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: Dan Miragliotta is the third man in the cage for the main event. The two heavyweights have a bit of a feeling out process to start with Harris in the center of the cage. Harris cracks Overeem with a right hand and Overeem is in dire straits!! Harris is standing over Overeem and raining shots and Harris is taking a close look. Overeem is able to survive but his down again and Harris trying to finish this! Overeem trips Harris and gets back to his feet but he’s busted open andn still hurt. Harris charges forward but slips and now Overeem gets him down and Overeem is on top! What a reversal of fortune! Overeem is now tying Harris up and laying into Harris with shots. Harris is now breathing HEAVY with Overeem draped on him and raining left hands while tying up Harris’ hands. Harris is against the fence and trying to stand but Overeem lands a monster knee to the body! and another as Harris stands at the horn. Honestly, no clue how to actually score that.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Harris.

Round 2: Overeem still looking a little wild-eyed to start the second but Harris looks noticeably slower. Output is definitely slowed now. Both men seem to be aware of the potential repercussions now. Harriis is feinting a lot and Overeem is trying to find something he likes. Overem lands a huge head kick and a left hand that drops Harris! Harris is inn a world of hurt now and Overeem is on his back and landing shots with Harris trying to survive. Overeem now has both hooks in and has flattened Harris out against the cage. This is all but over and Overeem is taking his time, peppering shots and occasionally looking for a rear-naked choke. Harris cannot do anything though and Miragliotta steps in to save Harris.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Alistair Overeem defeats Walt Harris by TKO at 3:00 of Round 2.

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