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Dana White expected Anthony Smith’s corner to stop the fight between rounds after absorbing so much damage

Anthony Smith lived up to his nickname during a brutally tough fight against Glover Teixeira, but even UFC president Dana White felt like he stuck around a little longer than necessary.

After suffering a knockdown in the third round and absorbing even more punishment in the fourth, Smith forged ahead as he returned to his corner while telling his coaches that his teeth were falling out.

Despite the repeated blows to the head, “Lionheart” refused to give up as he sat on his stool with time running out before he had to return for the fifth round.

“First of all, Teixeira looked great,” White said about the main event on the UFC post-fight show. “He’s in the best shape I’ve seen him in, in a long time. Smith, tough, durable like we know he is. I thought the corner wouldn’t let [Smith] come out for the fifth round.”

Without a crowd in attendance, it was easy to hear all of the audio from inside the octagon, including a moment where Teixeira apologized to Smith as Smith actually handed some of his teeth to the referee after they were knocked out.

When the fight ended, Smith had blood streaked across his face, a result of absorbing 202 total strikes over 20-plus minutes in the cage.

“He was spitting his teeth out,” White said about Smith. “I’m no doctor, but I would bet anything he’s got a broken orbital. Every time he would get hit, he would react to it and turn away. I thought his corner wouldn’t let him go out for the fifth.”

The end finally came just 1:04 into the final round after Teixeira put Smith back on the ground and unloaded with a barrage of shots that gave referee Jason Herzog no choice but to stop the fight.

There were plenty of calls for a stoppage by the referee earlier in the fight, not to mention criticism pointed at Smith’s coaches for sending him back out for the fifth round despite absorbing an overwhelming amount of damage. When it was over, Smith was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Later, he confirmed to ESPN that he’d suffered extensive injuries.

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