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UFC Jacksonville video: Chase Sherman bludgeons Ike Villanueva with elbows in return to the octagon

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UFC Fight Night Sherman v Villanueva Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Chase Sherman is back.

The veteran heavyweight returned to the UFC on Wednesday night after last fighting inside the octagon in 2018 and he had arguably his best performance to date.

“The Vanilla Gorilla” battered and bludgeoned newcomer Ike Villanueva with a series of brutal elbow strikes that finally brought a stop to the contest in the second round.

After his release from the UFC, Sherman went on a three-fight win streak as well as a pair of fights in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships before making his return in emphatic fashion with a TKO victory.

“You ever order ten piece chicken wings and get eleven? Yeah, that’s what that feels like,” Sherman told UFC color commentator Daniel Cormier when asked what it felt like to return to the UFC.

Sherman has now won three fights in the UFC with two of those coming by way of knockout via elbows.