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Video: Marvin Vettori explodes at Karl Roberson in expletive-filled confrontation following fight cancellation

Marvin Vettori has now endured two fight cancellations since March and his emotions finally boiled over after his latest bout against Karl Roberson was scrapped.

The middleweight showdown fell apart on Wednesday after Roberson was pulled from the card due to “medical issues.” Roberson was the only fighter to miss weight on Tuesday and he fell ill afterwards.

Apparently as Roberson was leaving the host hotel following the fight cancellation, Vettori ran into his now former opponent and the two had to be separated by security.

In a video posted by Vettori’s nutritionist, Matteo Capodaglio, who posted the incident on Instagram.

The altercation starts with Vettori and Robertson just a couple of feet away from each other as the fighters are held apart by teammates and security.

“Let’s f*cking fight!” Vettori screamed at Roberson as he was being pushed away by security. “You look like you can f*cking fight, then f*cking fight you b*tch ass. F*cking five months of preparation.

“Then f*cking fight if you can fight! Fight me now!”

The tirade continued as Vettori kept shouting back at Roberson with a string of expletives aimed at the former GLORY kickboxer turned UFC prospect.

Back in March, Vettori was scheduled to meet Darren Stewart at the UFC Fight Night card in London. Sadly after he flew to England, Vettori had to turn around and return to the United States due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that instituted travel restrictions just before that show was supposed to take place.

Vettori then waited for word on a different fight as he continued to train in California. He was then booked for the fight against Roberson only to have the matchup cancelled hours away from when they expected to set food in the Octagon.

There is no word at this time when Vettori might get rebooked but judging by his reaction in this video, he’s ready to go as soon as possible.

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