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Stipe Mioicic: If I didn’t have a torn retina, I would have ‘already fought and retired’ Daniel Cormier

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Stipe Miocic is getting a little fed up hearing from Daniel Cormier lately.

On Monday, the UFC heavyweight champion reacted to Cormier’s recent comments where he said if the trilogy against Miocic doesn’t happen that he’ll entertain a fight with Francis Ngannou instead.

The entire situation revolves around Miocic addressing a delay in his return due to a pair of eye surgeries to repair a torn retina as well as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has shut down his gym in Ohio.

“I’ve already said I’m going to fight DC,” Miocic said on Twitter when responding to Cormier’s comments. “He just likes to make noise. My team is working on securing a training location and dates with UFC. I have five belts at home. I don’t need to sit on anything.

“If I didn’t have a torn retina, I would’ve already fought & retired Daniel Cormier.”

Miocic suffered the torn retina during his rematch with Cormier this past August. He ultimately won the fight by fourth-round TKO but then had to undergo multiple procedures to repair the damage done.

He was then cleared to slowly return to training starting in January and February but then the COVID-19 outbreak happened. In Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine acted quickly by issuing a stay-at-home order as well as shutting down all non-essential businesses including gyms.

Beyond his eye injury and the lack of a gym where he can train, Miocic also works as a firefighter and paramedic in his home state, which obviously puts him in direct contact with COVID-19 patients.

Miocic has made it clear that he’s more than willing to fight Cormier once he’s allowed to return to his gym to start a training camp.

According to Miocic’s manager Jim Walter when speaking to MMA Fighting on Monday, they have reached out to Governor DeWine’s office requesting permission to allow the UFC heavyweight champion the ability to return to training in his home gym located in Independence, Ohio.

As of yet, the governor’s office has not responded.

Some good news could be coming soon, however, as Governor DeWine confirmed on Monday that a group of gym owners in Ohio are working on a plan so the facilities can open sooner rather than later.

“This is something that can happen,” DeWine said when addressing gyms re-opening during a daily press briefing. “It’s coming.”

Once gyms open back up again, Walter says Miocic would be able to start his training camp while also allowing for enough time to ensure that he’s free of COVID-19 after working as a first responder since the pandemic began. At that point, Miocic could then sign to fight Cormier to conclude their trilogy.

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