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Dutch UFC broadcaster Talpa refuses to air events ‘due to the current health measures’

UFC Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

Dutch UFC fans will struggle to watch UFC 249 now that the promotion’s broadcaster in the region, Talpa, has deemed that the highly publicized marquee, as well as all other events that take place while the coronavirus is still at large, are not a “good fit” for its programming during the pandemic.

MMADNA.NL were the first to report the news after sources from within the network informed the Dutch MMA site that Talpa refused the show the events on ethical grounds. One of the site’s founders, Marcel Dorff, took to Twitter to air the frustration of Dutch MMA fans.

Following MMADNA.NL’s initial report, Irish reporter Andy Stevenson reached out to Talpa for comment. The broadcaster responded, stating that the UFC events were not a “good fit” for its programming given the “current health measures” that are in place.

“In consequence of the coronavirus and the measures of the RIVM [Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment], we have adjusted the programming for SBS6, Net5, Veronica and SBS9. We are temporary [sic] not broadcasting any live sport events on our channels due to the current health measures and the cancellation of live sports events all over the world. We do not think the live matches are a good fit within this custom programming. That is why we also decided not to broadcast them via,” the statement read.

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