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New bodycam footage of Jon Jones DWI arrest shows gun, Recuerdo found in car

New footage from UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones shows the initial traffic stop that led to his second arrest for DWI.

MMA Fighting obtained additional lapel camera footage from the city of Albuquerque, N.M., in response to a public records request filed after Jones’ arrest in late March. The footage shows the UFC champ’s initial contact with police, which included officer Jason Brown, who in 2016 cited him for drag racing and engaged in a heated back and forth caught on lapel camera.

In his latest interaction with Brown, Jones is civil. He even greets Brown by name as he and other officers investigate a single gunshot in downtown Albuquerque outside The Library Bar and Grill and opposite the Knockouts strip club.

Sitting in his police cruiser after the initial contact, officer Brown notes of his lapel cam, “I’m going to keep this live, because I’ve had legal stuff with him before.” Later, he tells the officer he’s called for a DUI test about the unfolding situation and adds he has Jones detained.

“Oh, great,” a voice responds.

A female officer notes Jones’ car reeks of alcohol and marijuana. She later suspects the UFC champ had been giving a pair of homeless men alcohol in a Solo cup. Brown believes the fighter threw up outside his car.

One of the men exclaims to an officer, “Jon Bones Jones!” as he leaves the scene.

It isn’t long into the traffic stop before Brown notices a nearly empty bottle of Recuerdo mezcal. He asks Jones to hand it over.

Later, Brown and the female officer search Jones’ car and find what appears to be marijuana on the console of the vehicle. Another officer confiscates a phone that rings with the caller ID, “Boo Boo Wild Thang.”

At one point, the female officer asks, “What the hell is he doing down here anyway? What does he mean by giving (the homeless men) some love?”

Jones had told officers he felt “stir crazy” and was out for a drive. Of the homeless men, he said he was “being nice to them” and “treating them like humans.” After appearing to fail his sobriety test, he was placed under arrest for DWI.

Jones panics as officers place him in cuffs. They allow him to daisy-chain a pair of bracelets Later, they also allow him to remove his hoodie when he complains of severe anxiety.

“I love you guys,” he tells them. “I actually wanted to be a police officer when I grew up.”

As Jones moves into the police cruiser, he asks whether the police have been busy because of the coronavirus pandemic. He breaks down in tears.

As Brown’s first lapel video draws to a close, he continues to search Jones’ car. Then he finds what appears to discover the Glock .22 handgun.

“Oh, f*ck,” the female officer exclaims.

Jones’ mood appears to improve somewhat as the night progresses. As he’s escorted from the police cruiser to the police station, he talks about getting his life in order. He and the officers pause outside the door.

“You’re like, ‘This doesn’t feel right,’” Jones tells them. “I can feel the hesitation.”

As Jones is getting booked, he even tries to engage with Brown.

“I asked you, how do you sleep with yourself,” he said of their previous run-in. “You’re like, mainly on the left. That was a good line.”

Brown reads Jones his rights and asks if he has any questions.

“Yes,” Jones replies. “My question is... . I have no questions for you.”

This past week, Jones pleaded guilty to his second DWI, allowing him to avoid potential punishment as a second-time offender. Among the terms of his agreement: He is required to serve 96 hours of house arrest within 90 days; wear an ankle monitor; serve one year of probation; complete 48 hours of community service and a 90-day outpatient drug treatment program; and install an ignition interlock device.

After his plea agreement, Jones admitted he needed to work on an “unhealthy relationship” with alcohol and looked forward to putting his most recent misstep behind him. He is expected to face either Jan Blachowicz or rematch Dominick Reyes in his next title defense.

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