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Dana White: ‘Fight Island’ is going to be around for a while

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

UFC president Dana White believes that “Fight Island” could potentially be around longer than originally anticipated.

On Wednesday night, White was featured on a Reddit AMA and was asked about the location of the island, along with if it could be something the UFC could utilize outside of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“it’s gonna be interesting how this thing plays out over the next year or so, which is exactly why the investment into ‘Fight Island’ makes so much sense for me” White responded.

“Who knows how sports will change after this pandemic... it’s gonna be an interesting year. Fight Island is going to be around for a while.”

In an interview with ESPN earlier this month, White said the idea for “Fight Island” began with a brainstorming session with Ari Emmanuel, the co-CEO of the UFC’s parent company Endeavor. The UFC president was looking for a solution to host both domestic and international fight events during the pandemic travel bans across the globe. By getting the island outside of the United States, that seemingly checks off the box.

While announcing a trio of events from May 9 to 16 — beginning with UFC 249 — White told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto that the promotion would be able to get fighters located in the U.S. to the island as well, which opens up extra opportunities to put on different matchups. He also expects “Fight Island” to be “up and running by June.”

As far as the location of the mystical island, White is still keeping that information under his hat.

“Can’t send location yet.”

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