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Frankie Edgar’s neighborhood possibly hit with a tornado: ‘It was like a movie’

With everything going on in the world, the last thing Frankie Edgar expected in his home state of New Jersey was a tornado.

According to the Toms River Police Department’s Facebook page, the area was hit with a powerful storm of rain, damaging wind and hail last Tuesday that began at approximately 3:30 p.m. ET, stating “it appears a tornado touched down.” The department also confirmed that over 100 phone calls were placed with reports of fallen trees damaging houses and cars, downed power wires, destroyed property and traffic signals being out.

Edgar was in the neighborhood where the storm occurred, and was even able to capture the moment with his Ring doorbell camera.

On Thursday’s edition of What the Heck, Edgar shared his experience.

“We didn’t know a tornado was coming,” Edgar said. “We knew a storm was coming and I was gonna go on a bike ride with my kids before it came. I’m outside taking the garbage out and I saw it starting to whip up. It was pretty bad.

“I’m probably going to have to get a new roof and I have a window broken. In my neighborhood, there’s trees down like crazy — probably worse than (Hurricane) Sandy as far as trees going down in my neighborhood.”

According to the former UFC lightweight champion, although there was thousands of dollars worth of damage, it seems as if no one was harmed during the storm.

“Everyone is safe,” Edgar said. “Just some damage. I don’t know if everyone in my neighborhood got out safely, I assume they did. But damage, there was definitely a lot.”

On Wednesday, the National Weather Service, via, revealed that it may not have been a tornado after all. Even though waterspouts were caught on video in neighboring areas, the NWS says the damage—which had wind gusts up to 80 mph—were caused by “straight-line winds.” The report also states that the conclusions are “preliminary and are subject to change.”

An average of two tornadoes a year touch down in New Jersey, according to In 2019, a remarkable nine tornadoes were confirmed.

No matter what the National Weather Service’s conclusions were, it seemed like more than a thunderstorm for one of the newest members of the UFC’s bantamweight division.

“This is the first time I’ve been involved with a tornado,” Edgar said. “I don’t know… I’m calling it a tornado. Maybe it was a friggin’ gale wind or something, but it felt like a tornado. It felt like a movie, dude. I heard it coming for like 30 seconds. I almost didn’t know what it was, I thought the rain was coming. But when it started getting closer and closer, that buzzing was like a movie. It really was. It was wild.”

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Edgar is doing all he can to prepare for his 135-pound debut. “The Answer” was slated to face Cory Sandhagen in January before stepping in on short notice to fight “The Korean Zombie” at December’s UFC Busan in the featherweight headliner, losing the fight via first-round TKO.

With most of the world practicing social distancing, Edgar is making sure he stays sharp until his number is called.

“We’re doing okay,” Edgar said. “Just staying in for the most part. I’m training in my basement with one friend of mine. We said we got ourselves a monogamous relationship and only me and him can train. So at least I have one person I can work out with. Other than that I’m in my basement, or in my gym by myself.”

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