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UFC full fight video: Nate Diaz calls out Conor McGregor after Michael Johnson beatdown

Watch Nate Diaz vs. Michael Johnson full fight video to see Diaz pick up a dominant decision win over Johnson and then make an unforgettable callout of Conor McGregor at UFC on FOX 17 on Dec. 19, 2015, in Orlando, Fla.

In his first appearance in over a year, Diaz outpaced Johnson over three thrilling rounds to earn a unanimous decision and a Fight of the Night bonus. But his in-cage performance was arguably overshadowed by his post-fight mic work as he launched into a promo ripping McGregor and laying the foundation for what would become one of the most intense and lucrative feuds in MMA history.

“Conor McGregor, you’re taking everything I worked for motherf*cker,” Diaz said. “I’m gonna fight your f*ckin’ ass. You know what’s the real fight, what’s the real money fight.”

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