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Eurobash: Episode 79 with Petr Yan, Jan Blachowicz and Ian Garry

On the latest episode of Eurobash, Petr Yan (11:30) gives his take on the “fake contenders” that have emerged in the UFC bantamweight title picture and underlines his belief that a win over Marlon Moraes will make him the “unquestionable” No. 1 contender in the division.

Jan Blachowicz (41:30) underlines his hopes that he will soon have official confirmation on his title clash with Jon Jones and shared his perspective on the huge reaction to his recent “fist” post.

Also featured, Irish prospect Ian Garry (1:03:00) highlights his wishes to become a two-weight Cage Warriors champion before ascending to the UFC and explains how he deals with the huge expectation that has been

Hosts Petesy Carroll and Niall McGrath look at the latest headlines in MMA.

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