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UFC full fight video: Matt Hughes and Frank Trigg face off in dramatic rematch

Watch Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg 2 full fight video to see then-welterweight champion Hughes once again triumph over rival Trigg in epic fashion at UFC 52, which took place in Las Vegas on April 16, 2005.

It’s a matchup that UFC president Dana White has more than once called his favorite fight in UFC history.

The second meeting between Hughes and Trigg was an instant classic, with Hughes fresh off of a first-round submission win over Georges St-Pierre and Trigg scoring back-to-back TKO victories to set up a rematch. Hughes won with a standing rear-naked choke in their first meeting. But the second time, it was Trigg who got off to a fast start, hurting Hughes with what looked like a shot below the belt before threatening to even the score with his own choke.

Hughes escaped, and then he executed one of the most impressive slams ever seen in the octagon, carrying Trigg across its length and then slamming him to the canvas. The champ didn’t let up and punished Trigg on the ground before finishing him with a choke to definitively end their two-fight series.

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