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UFC files to trademark ‘Fight Island’ and ‘UFC Fight Island’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The UFC is getting serious about “Fight Island.”

The promotion has filed for a series of trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark office for “Fight Island” and “UFC Fight Island.” The news was first reported on Twitter by attorney Josh Gerben, who noted that Zuffa — parent company to the UFC — has filed for 22 trademarks related to those two terms.

The idea of “Fight Island” first came about during a brainstorming session between UFC president Dana White and Endeavor co-CEO Ari Emanuel as they sought to find a solution for a location where fights could be held during the global coronavirus pandemic.

At the time, the UFC was struggling to get international fighters into the United States due to the travel restrictions currently in place. As White first revealed to TMZ, the solution was procuring a private island where all of the upcoming international cards could be held.

The plans for “Fight Island” expanded after UFC 249 got shut down after executives from ESPN asked the organization to “stand down” from promoting the card on an Native American reservation in California, which has been one of the states hardest hit by the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the aftermath of UFC 249 being postponed, White immediately shifted his attention to “Fight Island” as a possible landing spot for all upcoming fight cards.

“Fight Island’s going to happen,” White said back on April 10. “All the infrastructure’s being built right now and getting put in place. As we get closer to that, then I’ll start figuring out booking fights, getting guys ready plus I can ship guys over there earlier and they can start training over there on the island.

“So once that’s all in place, you’re looking at a month. A month, I’ll have all that put together and guys can start training and can go there. I’m sure people are going to be ready to get out of their houses in another month and go to an island somewhere and train.”

While the UFC is currently planning a return to action on May 9 with a show expected to take place in the United States, it appears the promotion is still working towards “Fight Island” at some point in the future.

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