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Daniel Cormier would love to be UFC president one day, but ‘Dana’s going to be here for a long time’

UFC 187 media day photos
Daniel Cormier
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

As Daniel Cormier begins thinking about life after retirement, the former two-division champion would be crazy not to consider a future where he’s an executive with the UFC.

In fact, retired welterweight contender Ben Askren recently floated the question about Cormier eventually taking over as UFC president once Dana White’s tenure comes to an end.

While he remains one of White’s most devoted supporters, Cormier says he’d be crazy not to consider that opportunity if the UFC’s owners at Endeavor actually offered him the job.

“I think anybody in the world in their right might would [take the job],” Cormier told MMA Fighting when asked about becoming UFC president. “To be at the head of an organization that does so many great things in terms of entertainment, and not only that, but community help. I think what people don’t see is the type of influence that the UFC has in the community. The work that they do with youth programs and programs around the world.

“I think if you ever have an opportunity or anyone has an opportunity to do a job like that, they would be insane not to hope to have that opportunity. But Dana’s going to be here for a long time. Dana’s the man.”

If being UFC president isn’t available, Cormier says he would gladly accept any job the organization might offer him in the future once he’s retired from fighting.

Whether that means playing matchmaker, or just serving as a brand ambassador for the UFC, Cormier would welcome the chance to continue his relationship with the promotion after his MMA career is over.

“Absolutely, I would love any job with the UFC,” Cormier said. “I love this organization. I think since I came over from Strikeforce, I’ve made some good relationships with the people in the company. I’ve started to learn. I’ve just really learned about this company and the one thing that really stands out the most for me is how much time, energy and effort the UFC puts into helping the youths.

“That stands out to me because that’s something I do. I know how important it is for Dana and the UFC to support local programs and support athletic clubs, support academic clubs. There’s just so many things that they do to try and help people around the world, it really makes me appreciate who I work for.”

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