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Video: Logan Paul gets knocked out by UFC middleweight Paulo Costa

YouTube celebrity and part-time pro boxer Logan Paul recently found out what it feels like to spar with a top-ranked UFC fighter.

This past weekend ahead of UFC 248 in Las Vegas, Paul stopped by the UFC Performance Institute, where he met up with top-ranked middleweight contender Paulo Costa, who was in town to watch Israel Adesanya’s fight against Yoel Romero.

Paul strapped on the gloves and traded hands with Costa did not end well for him. As you’ll see in the video Paul posted on Monday, Costa cracked him with a right hand that sent him crashing face-first to the canvas.

Following his knockout in the ring, Paul then engaged in some grappling drills with Costa, which went remarkably better for the 24-year-old Ohio native than the boxing part of the training session.

To his credit, before he was gobbling up subscribers on his YouTube channel, Paul was actually a top wrestler in his home state. He has teased a potential move into MMA in the future.

Take a look at the video, and see for yourself how Paul fared in his sparring session with Costa.

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