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The Weekly Grind: Georges St-Pierre polishes his skills with acting lessons

Instagram: @georgesstpierre

What makes professional fighters so relatable? At first glance, probably nothing. But take away the gloves, gis, and bulging hematomas, and they’re actually not so different than the rest of us.

These posts prove even the toughest fighters are only human after all. Here is the latest edition of “The Weekly Grind.”

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Date night @oj_driver

A post shared by Luis Antonio Peña (@violentbobross) on

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“Love as a mental process, I’ll propose to you, emerges from a fundamental process called ‘integration’. Integration is the linkage of differentiated parts of a system. Integration leads to harmony; impaired integration leads to chaos and/or rigidity. Love is the harmony of integration. When we honour differences and promote compassionate linkages, love emerges. Love can thus arise in various relationships that involve attachment, romance, sexuality, learning, professional pursuits, athletics and spiritual communities. A relationship is defined in this model of interpersonal neurobiology as a pattern of shared energy and information flow. When these relationships are integrated, love emerges. The embodied brain responds to integrated relationships with the activation of integrative circuits – ones that link widely separated regions to each other. For example, attachment relationships can be seen to promote the growth of integrative circuits – in the prefrontal region, the hippocampus and the corpus callosum – that co-ordinate and balance the nervous system. Therapeutic interventions that promote seeing the mind of another person – mindsight – with empathy and compassion offer integrative experiences that promote healing. Love is healing because love promotes integration.” -Helen Fisher on We Have Chemistry of Love and Integration @barrytravelfit @wherenext.retreats #bali #baliindonesia #meditation #breathe #breath #canggu #breathwork #fitness #retreat #fitnessretreat

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Motivated for greatness #NewellWorldOrder

A post shared by Nick Newell (@notoriousnewell) on

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Viva Las Vegas.

A post shared by Dan "Hangman" Hooker (@danhangman) on

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#snapchatfilter (Benditos filtros )

A post shared by Alexa Grasso (@alexa_grasso) on

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Hanging out

A post shared by Super Sage Northcutt (@supersagenorthcutt) on

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Come find me

A post shared by Mackenzie Dern (@mackenziedern) on

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What do you put in your fanny pack??

A post shared by Paige VanZant (@paigevanzant) on

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. . #love #cat #mibebe #kiss #balita

A post shared by Irene Aldana (@irene.aldana) on

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Cuffing seasons at #ufc248

A post shared by Henry Cejudo (@henry_cejudo) on

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#ReturnOfFatAnge #UFC248

A post shared by Angela "Overkill" Hill (@angieoverkill) on

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Boom vs sparky

A post shared by Brian “BOOM” Kelleher (@brianboom135) on

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@007 Bond girl training complete ✌ ☀️

A post shared by Leah McCourt (@leahmccourtmma) on

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