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Max Holloway, Stephen Thompson share comical videos depicting quarantine life

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@BlessedMMA, Twitter

For anyone that needs a reminder to practice social distancing during this coronavirus outbreak, Max Holloway and Stephen Thompson have found creative ways to provide one.

Former UFC featherweight champion Holloway took to Twitter to share a re-imagining of his family and friends living out their quarantine as a wholesome sitcom a la Full House, complete with cheesy grins and everyone throwing up the shaka to put a Hawaiian twist on it.

Meanwhile, “Wonderboy” decided to take part in the “quarantine challenge” by employing a couple of backup dancers to put their own spin on a darkly hilarious Key & Peele sketch—which itself was a parody of an actual 1987 aerobics show—blue spandex and all.

Clearly, the UFC’s brightest athletes are doing just fine in isolation.

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