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The Weekly Grind: Gerald Meerschaert serenades with sweet sax, and other ways to pass time during COVID-19 outbreak

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What makes professional fighters so relatable? At first glance, probably nothing. But take away the gloves, gis, and bulging hematomas, and they’re actually not so different than the rest of us.

These posts prove even the toughest fighters are only human after all. Here is the latest edition of “The Weekly Grind.”

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Day 2 of self-isolation for covid-19 has arrived and I decided I needed to start creating a routine for myself. I have no problems with pushing myself during conditioning or hard sparring, but often don’t make the time for extra yoga ‍♀️ /stretching/mobilization (which I know is incredibly important). With all this extra time on my hands I wanted to verbalize my goal of commitment to at minimum 3 stretching or yoga sessions per week. I know that 3/7 days isn’t a huge commitment (and YES I could for sure do more), but it is a realistic goal and starting point for me. I will continue to keep up with my strength and conditioning workouts (with safe solutions or alternatives as needed given my available equipment). If I end up doing 4 or even 7 sessions that’s awesome, but if some days I don’t do it I can still reach my goal of 3 and feel like I’m on my way to developing a new routine. I think I’m also going to get back into playing some guitar (and by that I mean relearning the 5 chords I used to know). Anyone else out there committing to a new routine or activity during this crazy time? What is it?! Let’s commit together! It can be as small as doing 1 additional push up each day or even a 5 min walk around the block **remember it’s important to make your goal realistic and achievable, so don’t start out with 1000 burpees/day unless you have already been doing 990. This is a time full of anxiety and uncertainty for so many people. Self-care is so important in a time like this. Control what you can and ride along with the unknowns. Stay safe. #covid_19 #covid #selfisolation #yoga #yogapractice #goals #mma #independentwoman #commitment #control #quarantine

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Out on the trail with Bella

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Kid movie time. They have they own movie theater lol

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I loved this day ☀️

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Shi chei ayye

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Social distancing? No problem. ❤️

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