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Dana White blasts media criticizing UFC during coronavirus outbreak: ‘Weakest, wimpiest people on Earth’

Dana White
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

UFC president Dana White is determined to get back to business during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and he doesn’t care who has a problem with it.

After postponing the next three cards on the UFC schedule due to President Donald Trump’s recommendation that gatherings be restricted to no more than 10 people to help slow the spread of the deadly disease, White promised that the promotion would return on April 18 for a highly anticipated card featuring Khabib Nurmagomedov against Tony Ferguson in the main event.

White’s declaration comes after he already promoted a card in Brasilia, Brazil, this past weekend behind closed doors after the local government shut down fans attending the event due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

With every other major sport on Earth cancelling events or suspending play for the season, White is getting sick and tired of hearing the media criticize the UFC for trying to move forward with events where fighters are clamoring to compete regardless of the potential dangers that come along with spreading the coronavirus.

“Go online and look at some of these people — and this isn’t a knock, this is just a fact — the weakest, wimpiest people on Earth cover the biggest, baddest sport on Earth,” White said during an Instagram live chat with UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. “What do you expect them to say? What do you think they’re going to say?

“I have over 350 employee who work for me. Multi-billion dollar companies are laying off all their employees right now. We haven’t laid off one person at the UFC. Every fighter that fights for me, will fight three times this year. Our schedule will go on. Everybody’s going to get paid. We will figure this out and we will be the first sport back on and f*ck that shit. Everything will go on.”

White says he’s immune to the criticism because ultimately he’s fighting to keep his staff and his roster employed during a trying time around the world.

He also argues that the medical care that the fighters will receive while competing in the UFC is top notch and their health and safety always comes first.

“Listen the media can talk as much sh*t as they want. They don’t feed families,” White said. “They don’t take care of f*cking people. They don’t have people that count on them. They don’t have people to support.

“We’re doing the right thing as far as medical testing goes and everything. That’s all we f*cking do. That’s nothing new. We were doing that sh*t way before the coronavirus. We were taking care of people and making sure that everybody is healthy. Every fight that’s with me on the road is getting much better medical attention than they are at home if they’re with me.”

White added that the UFC has reached out to all of the fighters on the roster to let them know the organization will support them in anyway possible as the coronavirus outbreak continues to shut down more and more businesses on a daily basis.

There’s still no word if the UFC will compensate athletes who were scheduled to compete on upcoming cards that have been cancelled but White promises that anybody in need will receive his help.

“I told our whole roster — if you or your loved ones have any type of situations or anything wrong, call me. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you get taken care of,” White said.

When it comes to the future, White is doing everything possible to get the schedule moving again, starting with UFC 249. He hopes at that point life can return to some sense of normalcy at least with the UFC promoting cards again.

“We will get through this,” White said. “We will make it. All my people that are with me, no need to worry. Enjoy your family, spend your time. This is a big vacation until this thing blows over and we will be back on track and we will kick some f*cking ass like we always do.”

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