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Mason Jones vows to ‘dismantle’ Joe McColgan en route to claiming Cage Warriors gold

Dolly Clew

Mason Jones has been considered a blue-chip prospect for many years, and on Friday night in Manchester, he finally gets the chance to secure Cage Warriors gold in a short notice vacant title bout with Northern Ireland’s Joe McColgan.

Ever since the Welsh fighter’s amateur debut nine years ago as a 15-year-old, he set his eyes on the coveted European strap and seeing the likes of Conor McGregor and fellow Welshman Jack Shore win the title made it a must-have milestone for him.

“I’ve been chasing this title for a long time,” Mason told MMA Fighting.

“I remember Conor McGregor winning that title and other Welsh fighters like Jack Shore, Jack Marshman and Brett Johns winning Cage Warriors titles too. I’ve always wanted that gold, and I knew one day it was going to be mine. I just can’t wait to get it tomorrow night to show everyone I’m the best in the division.”

Jones is a experienced grappler as well as a former professional boxer and despite praising McColgan’s skill set, he admits that he believes he will “dismantle” the Fight Academy Ireland fighter when they eventually lock horns.

“When I decided to get back into MMA, Joe McColgan was on my list - I wanted to fight the top fighters in the division and he was on the list. I really, really can’t wait to go in there and dismantle him. Joe is a dangerous striker, he’s got good Muay Thai, he’s got great leg kicks but I just think I’m better everywhere. My timing is better, my footwork is better and my striking is better - I really feel like I’m going to dismantle him.”

Although the fight was only made a little over a week out when both McColgan and Jones lost their opponents, Jones has every bit of motivation he needs ahead of the pivotal clash.

“This cements my place as the most dangerous 155 fighter in the whole of Europe. I don’t think there’s anyone in Europe who comes anywhere near me. This is why I don’t worry about opponents, whoever is going to be put in front of me is going to be destroyed,” he said.

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