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Video: Sean O’Malley does best Tony Ferguson impression in frantic workout video

@sugaseanmma, Instagram

With fighters potentially having to wait months for news of their next fight in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, they’re working hard to find ways to keep themselves in top shape.

Earlier this week, No. 1 UFC lightweight title contender Tony Ferguson shared a clip of himself slaughtering a defenseless training apparatus. Not to be outdone, unbeaten bantamweight Sean O’Malley released his own intense training footage with a tip of the cap to “El Cucuy.”

“Thank you [Tony Ferguson] for the instructional video,” O’Malley wrote.

In the above clip, O’Malley can be seen exploring the studio space, as it were, going head-to-head with a tennis ball, taking on a trio of punching bags, tackling a training dummy, showing off some impressive no-hands jiu-jitsu technique, and then cooling down on an exercise bike.

O’Malley is coming off of a Performance of the Night-winning first-round finish of Jose Quinonez at UFC 248 in March, so while his routine may seem unorthodox, there is clearly a method to the madness.

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