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Morning Report: Tyron Woodley responds to Colby Covington’s short-notice call out: ‘You’ve been talking all that sh*t, now it’s time to pay the piper’

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

All across the sports world, the coronavirus pandemic has been wreaking havoc on planned events with essentially every major sports league cancelling or postponing their seasons in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. However, despite the surrounding tumult, the UFC has been trudging forward, insistent that the out break would not prevent them from putting on fights. Until Sunday.

On Sunday, it was revealed that the UFC would be moving this weekend’s upcoming UFC London card as a result of the coronavirus, and as a result, one half of the co-main event, Leon Edwards, was forced out of the event. Immediately a number of suitors emerged for a fight with Tyron Woodley including former interim welterweight champion Colby Covington. It’s a fight that would make sense as Woodley and Covington have a long-standing rivalry and were supposed to face each other several times before but the bout never came to fruition. Unfortunately, Woodley says it doesn’t seem likely to happen this time either.

In a post made to Instagram, Woodley responded to Covington’s short-notice call out, saying he still intends to fight on Saturday and accepted a fight with Covington but that once again, ‘Chaos’ is just playing games.

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Make the fight people want!

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“I am fighting Saturday, let’s start with that. I’m fighting Saturday. Who I’m fighting, I don’t know. I was willing to go to London. . . I was gonna go out there with two people in an empty arena, full arena, I don’t give a f*ck. I’ve been training, full murder mode.

“There’s a lot of people out there that are straight clout chasing, attention seeking b*tches. Colby, you a b*tch. Don’t ever f*cking open your mouth. You guys should bash him, y’all should slay him. He put all this sh*t on the internet about him wanting to fight me and I said yes immediately. That’s the fight that made the most sense anyway. That’s the fight I was supposed to get before Leon Edwards and they said he couldn’t fight because of his jaw. The second they booked the fight between me and Leon, now all of a sudden he’s healthy and can fight. He a b*tch, he all cap, he want attention. He’s declined me four f*cking times so I don’t want to talk about Colby. He’s a f*cking b*tch. He’s scared.”

Woodley is clearly pretty fired up about the huge changes being made just days before he is supposed to main event a card and Covington was not the only fighter to draw the ire of ‘The Chosen One’. Woodley also called out a number of other well-known fighters who have often espoused a willingness to accept short-notice bouts but, in Woodley’s view, are noticeably silent when it comes to facing him.

“There are so many fighters [saying] ‘Anytime, any place, anywhere’ until it’s f*cking me. Where’s f*cking Nate and Nick Diaz? Where’s Cowboy Cerrone? Where’s Conor McGregor? Where are these fighters? Where’s Colby Covington? F*ck, where’s Usman at?”

This entire situation puts Woodley on interesting ground. The former welterweight champion insists that he will fight this weekend but also insists his opponent “makes sense”. At this late hour, it may be difficult to find an opponent that fits Woodley’s criteria, except, of course, for Covington. If Covington would actually. back up his callout, Woodley says that would be the perfect situation for him.

“I don’t want to fight people that don’t f*cking make sense. I’m not here trying to give somebody else a name. I’m not here for somebody to [be like] ‘This is my one and only chance to get to the top!’ I was a five-time f*cking world champion. Don’t forget. I hate to have to remind people. I am geared for f*cking war. Leon Edwards kept talking that sh*t and he wanted to fight me and I‘m like, ‘Alright motherf*cker you wanted to fight, you’re gonna get what you asked for.’

“People that have been champions in the past, people that are in the top ten, people that make sense, those are people that I want to f*cking fight, that are gonna excite me. Colby Covington is my number one choice. My number one choice. If I could fight him, Lord, there is a heaven above! When they try to make things for my evil, you make for my good. This would be the biggest light.”

Woodley and Covington have a long and sordid history beginning with being teammates at American Top Team. Their relationship, such that they had one, quickly fractured as Covington adopted his ‘Chaos’ persona and began to attack Woodley publicly in hopes for a fight. After winning an interim title over Rafael dos Anjos, Covington should have been next in line to challenge Woodley but was twice passed over for other contenders. Woodley eventually lost his belt to Kamaru Usman and but still a fight between the two has yet to happen. Now, with UFC (formerly) London just a few days away, and Woodley still in need of an opponent, the former champion is giving Covington one final ultimatum: put up or shut up.

“Colby Covington, wherever the f*ck you at: you a b*tch, you a ho, you a clout chaser, you don’t want to fight for real, you fake like you want to fight, and now I’m gonna call your ass out. I let you rattle your mouth because you knew I wasn’t gonna say nothing, I wasn’t gonna give you the attention. But now it’s time to go. They asked me to fight you with a f*cked up hand from Darren Till - my bone was sticking up - they offered me to fight you in Madison Square Garden and I f*cking even thought about it. For a world title on three weeks’ notice. Now you Mr. Always-in-shape-anytime-anywhere, this is your chance to f*cking step up, put your money where your mouth is, and now you don’t want to do it.

“So this is going out to Colby: if you want to f*cking, quit talking sh*t. You ain’t getting all this money, you ain’t f*cking worth it. You never won a f*cking world title. You won an in between title and you shouldn’t have even had that. I wasn’t even out seven months when you fought for an interim. And I could’ve fought you in two months. So I’m calling your ass out. If you want to fight, let’s get it on. I’m not using no race card, I’m not using none of that sh*t. All I’m saying is guess what, this is the time to put up or shut up, sh*t on the pot or get up. You’ve been talking all that sh*t, now it’s time to pay the piper. Put your money where your mouth is.”


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Our audience in Brazil @mickmaynard2 #UFCBrasilia

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Khabib still acting like 249 is gonna happen.

At least then USADA would be useful.

Danaher helping out during these turbulent times.

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Man, can’t imagine the event this weekend is actually going to happen and the UFC grasping at straws here just seems pathetic. Learn how to let something go.

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.



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