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Darren Till clarifies ‘fear’ of Yoel Romero, responds to Israel Adesanya calling him a ‘p*ssy’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Has Darren Till been pulling our legs about his supposed fear of Yoel Romero?

Each time the goliath Cuban is mentioned to the U.K. middleweight, Till appears to cower. Yet when asked if he is serious about being afraid of Romero, Till suggested it’s a tongue-in-cheek ploy.

“Of course, mate, he’s a beast - I’m terrified,” Till said with a laugh on the March 10 episode of MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast when asked if he still fears Romero after the Cuban’s performance against Israel Adesanya. “Do you not believe me? 50 percent of people comment saying, ‘I know why Till is scared,’ (and) they still believe it, so I don’t know.”

The Kaobon frontrunner seems to agree there’s a benefit in playing mind games. If people are questioning his courage, they might underestimate him in other ways.

“Yeah, listen I’m comfortable with my own mentality,” Till said. “At the end of the day, if you want to come fight with me, whoever you are on this earth, come and f*cking fight. I don’t give a sh*t who you are. That’s why I don’t really give a f*ck to give this mean ego off. There’s a time and a place.

“There’s always guys I’ve had words with back and forth, and whenever I’ve seen them they haven’t said anything. They know if they want to do something in front of me they can. I seen Khabib (Nurmagomedov) talking to Tony (Ferguson) about how many fights have you had on the street and, ‘I’ll eat you,’ and all that. That’s some Scouser mentality sh*t, mate – ‘I’ll f*ckin’ eat your face off alive!’ That’s my kind of mentality, because I’m comfortable with myself to say, ‘Yeah I’m afraid of this guy.’”

Adesanya had a few nasty words for Till prior to his successful title defense at UFC 248, calling the U.K. star a “p*ssy” for his public stance with Romero. Till took that in stride, insisting he and the middleweight champion are in regular communication.

“Did he, yeah?” Till replied when asked if he’d heard Adesanya comment. “Who the f*ck is he talking to like that?”

Till’s voice boomed, and then he broke into laughter.

“It’s all good,” he said. “Of course...of course he’s keeping me close. We speak everyday, me and him, we message everyday. It’s all good.

“You know Israel knows that I’m not scared of Yoel. He’s just doing that. He knows what he’s doing, and so do I. Look at the way I’ve marketed this whole thing now with Yoel and everything. (I’m a) f*ckin’ genius, you know what I mean.”

Check out Darren Till’s return to Eurobash. It begins at 14:00.

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