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Gilbert Burns to Colby Covington: ‘You’re going to eat those words’

BRASILIA, Brazil – As a UFC lightweight, Gilbert Burns felt he had to bite his tongue when he watched Colby Covington go from a middle-of-the-road welterweight to the trash-talking enemy of Brazil.

Standing on home turf after a pivotal win in his new, 170-pound weight class, Burns let the ex-interim champ know exactly how he felt about that schtick.

”Now, I say I’m going to beat you the f*ck up, motherf*cker,” Burns said, cutting another promo following a win over Demian Maia at UFC Brasilia.

Burns had no crowd to rally when he first called out Covington on Saturday at Ginasio Nilson Nelson. Thanks to the COVID-19 virus, he and Maia were the co-main event in an unprecedented audience-free show that was the result of a government mandate to ban public gatherings.

But the 33-year-old took a page from his rival’s schtick and looked straight into the camera to hype a fight.

”You’re going to eat those words, and you’re going to pay an expensive price for them,” Burns said. “I’m coming for you.”

As for the logical next question, Covington’s incentive in fighting an opponent currently ranked at No. 12 at 170-pounds, Burns is convinced the ex-champ’s recent setback in a title bout against his teammate, champ Kamaru Usman, will take care of any deficit in stature.

”He has to – he has no option,” Burns said. “Colby’s next. He’s talking so much. He’s not backing it up, and I’m coming for him.”

Covington recently broke his silence after his loss to Usman at UFC 245, claiming he was robbed of a fair fight by an early stoppage from referee Marc Goddard. He’s demanded an immediate rematch with Usman, but the promotion has indicated Covington’s former teammate turned rival, Jorge Masvidal, is getting the next shot at the title.

Burns said he worked with Usman to prepare for his bout with Maia, and they’ll certainly be working together if he gets a fight with Covington.

So far, Burns is biting his tongue about another uncomfortable subject: What happens if Usman still holds the belt when he earns his shot.

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