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UFC Brasilia live blog: Kevin Lee vs. Charles Oliveira

Kevin Lee and Charles Oliveira
Kevin Lee and Charles Oliveira will clash in the UFC Brasilia main event Saturday afternoon.
Photo by Buda Mendes/Zuffa LLC

This is the UFC Brasilia live blog for Kevin Lee vs. Charles Oliveira, the catchweight main event on Saturday in Brasilia.

After missing weight, Lee will attempt to extend his win streak to two. Oliveira has won six straight fights and five Performance of the Night honors.

Check out the UFC Brasilia live blog below.

Round 1: Oliveira jumps in with a front kick and attacks with another shot that prompts a punch counter from Lee. Another flying front kick pops the American, and he resets. Oliveira looks for the clinch, and they trade punches in close. Leading left hook and low kick from Oliveira, who’s getting in rhythm. Nice right straight from Lee, and Oliveira comes back with his own shots. Lee with a nice set of jabs and a right hand, and Oliveira moves for the takedown. He attacks the ankle as they hit the mat, and Lee scrambles to get out of danger. Lee stands and falls as Oliveira triangles his shoulders. Another scramble, and Lee is able to get up, but his leg is trapped by Oliveira. The Brazilian almost gets the back, but Lee adjusts and keeps top position. Oliveira goes again for the ankle, and Lee repays with punches up top. Lee trying to scoot out, but reverses direction when Oliveira won’t let him go. Lee’s left leg is trapped, but he lays atop Oliveira and eventually settles into guard. Oliveira sets up for a triangle, and Lee barely escapes. Another scramble, and Lee almost has the back. This time, Lee is trying to control the leg, but he eventually recovers top position and gets out of harm’s way as the triangle setup arrives. Lee stands and then tries to pass with short time. A big series of punches from up top, and Lee settles into guard. Elbows end the first frame.

MMA Fighting scores the first round 10-9 for Lee.

Round 2: Oliveira out quickly and spins with a backfist. Lee again with his right hand, and Oliveira lands a spin kick. Lee trying to work inside with his punches, and a left hook is good. A right is also on mark, and Oliveira leaps with a knee. His pressure is giving Lee everything he can handle; a nice right is on target, then another. Now, Oliveira is chasing. Nice uppercut and right, and Lee is hurt against the fence. Nice leg kick, and Oliveira is just biding his time for the finish. Lee has taken several hard punches and kicks and he’s hanging out in the pocket too long. Nice right hand by Lee is returned with the same. A knee brings a takedown from Lee, and Oliveira uses an armbar setup to go with an oma plata and then a triangle. Lee grabs the bodylock as they right themselves and manages a takedown, landing in half-guard. just past the halfway point, and both men slow down after a frenzied start. Lee is doing just enough to avoid the standup. Oliveira isn’t doing much from the bottom. Lee trying to work ground and pound and getting tied up by Oliveira’s arms. Less than one minute, and Oliveira attacks the ankle again. Lee stands and tries to punch down. Lee tries to drop elbows and Oliveira hammerfists up. Another Oliveira leglock attempt is cut off by the bell.

MMA Fighting scores the second round 10-9 for Oliveira, and it’s 19-19.

Round 3: Another leaping knee from Oliveira, who presses forward into Lee’s punches. Lee connects on several shots, but Oliveira keeps pushing. Kick prompts takedown from Lee, and Oliveira wraps the guillotine. He sits down and cranks, and Lee taps. Lee pops free and tries to take down Oliveira, but referee Beltran intercedes. It’s an odd sequence as Oliveira celebrates the win.

Official result: Charles Oliveira def. Kevin Lee via submission (guillotine choke) - Round 3, 0:28

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