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Petr Yan on Henry Cejudo’s championship reign: ‘He doesn’t have balls’

Urijah Faber and Petr Yan
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Petr Yan is gearing up for the most important fight of his career on June 13 when he meets Marlon Moraes in the main event of the inaugural UFC Kazakhstan card, but many felt as though the Russian had already done enough to claim a shot at the title based on his recent win over Urijah Faber, which improved his record to 6-0 under the promotional banner.

Yan and champion Henry Cejudo have been trading barbs via social media regularly, but even though he has vented some frustrations with not being granted the next crack at bantamweight gold, “No Mercy” insists that he isn’t upset that Jose Aldo will be getting a shot instead, despite being on a two-fight skid.

“I can’t say I was expecting to fight for the title and I can’t say that I’m upset that Jose got his shot,” Yan told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast.

“If I need to prove to everyone and to the division that I deserve to fight for the title, I can do it with my actions. Like I’ve said before, if I have to clean out the division to get this title shot I will do it no problem.”

Yan doesn’t seem all too surprised by Cejudo favoring the Aldo fight based on his form as flyweight champion and suggested the champion “doesn’t have balls”.

“If you look at Cejudo as a champion, he won the flyweight title and never defended his belt. He was holding up the division and the division was [called into question]. After he won the bantamweight title he also didn’t defend his belt for a long time and was hesitant about his next move and was holding up the division too. I can’t say I dislike him, but I want to beat him up and I think he doesn’t have balls.”

The former ACB champion underlined that he wasn’t offended by Cejudo labeling him a “communist potato” in a recent social media post. He also asserted that Cejudo’s criticisms of his victory over Faber are unfounded as the champion was also interested in a date with “The California Kid.”

“You have to try harder to make it personal for me,” said Yan.

“For me, it’s mainly a sport interest. He’s got what I want and that’s why I want to fight him. He’ll have to try harder. By him saying that he wants to fight Aldo because he’s coming back from injury, I think it shows that he’s not confident in himself. He’s saying I beat up a 41-year-old skateboarder, but that was a guy that he was calling out too. I don’t get him.”

Check out Petr Yan’s latest appearance on Eurobash. It begins at 50:00.

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