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Video: Israel Adesanya, Yoel Romero face off, then dance off at UFC 248 press conference

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They don’t fight for another month, but Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero have already had a close-up look at each other’s skills.

The two middleweight stars were in Houston on Friday for a press conference to promote UFC 248, the event that will see Adesanya defend his UFC championship against Romero. After fielding questions from the media, the two took part in a chatty face-off that eventually broke out into a dance-off.

Perhaps looking to impress his Cuban foe, Adesanya showed off some salsa moves, which prompted Romero to shuffle his feet before executing a backflip into splits maneuver. Adesanya looked like he was ready to start breakdancing before the situation defused itself.

UFC 248 takes place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on March 7.