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Missed Fists: Fighter taunts opponent, goads him into DQ victory

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Carlos Mejia taunts the corner of opponent Fernando Romero at NFC 55 in Managua, Nicaragua on Jan. 31, 2020
@wildmatt, Twitter

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

As wild as pro fights can be, there are some outcomes that feel like they can only take place in the amateurs. Let’s start off this week by showing some love to these folks just doing it for the love of the game.

Carlos Mejia vs. Fernando Romero
Ricardo Espinoza vs. Julio Mejia

AL: This clip from Nicaraguan Fighting Championship 55 features a finish that would make Vince McMahon proud as Carlos Mejia picks up a win in the cheekiest way possible.

The first thing we need to realize here is that Mejia’s opponent Fernando Romero is just 17 years old, so one can imagine he might be somewhat temperamental. Perhaps Mejia knew this because he baits Romero into a blatant foul by taunting the s*it out of Romero and his corner until the young gunner decided to retaliate.

The result? A DQ win for Mejia and our most MMA clip of the week.

JM: That’s just insane. How the hell did he get DQ’d for this? A stern talking to? Absolutely. A point deduction? Sure, though even that seems a bit much given the utter lack of damage inflicted upon Mejia. But a DQ?

AL: We live in a society!

JM: Yeah but this is MMA - the fringest possible outskirt of society. A slap is basically “Hello.”

Maybe the referee is from the future and just felt bad for the other Mejia fighting in the main event.


AL: I’m not sure what was in the water at this show, but this brawl between Ricardo Espinoza and Julio Mejia seemed personal too. They just throw everything from the hip until one of them falls; in this case, it was Julio Mejia.

NFC 55 can be replayed for free on YouTube.


AL: And now some wholesome, family-friendly amateur kickboxing! Come one, come all, women and children, strap on some gloves and head gear and try...

… oh dear.

I have no idea who this poor soul is. Just imagine how awful it would feel to see someone get KO’d like that in a casual, laid-back setting like this. To the kicker, we salute you; to the kicked, we wish you a speedy recovery.

JM: Is this just like, some “Try Kickboxing” event at some random Gold’s Gym? Is that what’s happening here? I did something like this in Thailand and won a free bucket of Jack and Coke and I only took home a decision. I hope this kid at least got a handle of Taaka.

AL: For you degenerates who want to watch eight hours of all-ages amateur kickboxing, you can find the full stream on YouTube.

JM: Hey! Don’t you talk about Caposa like that. He’s an international treasure.

Carlos “Kaique” Henrique vs. Max Gandra
Daniel Henrique Santos vs. Rafael Biata
Rafael Souza vs. Herculano Gomes Filho

AL: Moving on to the pros, we make a stop with a show from one of the most esteemed Brazilian organizations, Jungle Fight 101.

That’s Carlos “Kaique” Henrique giving us the Humpty Dumpty Fall of the Week, rocking Max Gandra with a head kick and watching as his system slowly shuts down. This would have made for a nice walk-off if the referee was paying even the slightest attention.

JM: To be fair, Gandra wasn’t paying much attention either before it happened. He was clearly completely spent, with the thousand-yard stare. His tragic attempt to slip the kick just reinforces that. Henrique could have finished this any way he chose, and that’s why we support Kaique King: because he went above and beyond what was required, and gave us a head kick we deserve.

AL: In featherweight action, Daniel Henrique Santos threw all technique out the window for this frantic knockout of Rafael Biata.

There’s no arguing with the results!

JM: It was a good week for Jungle Fighters named Henrique.

AL: Further up the card, we did get the walk-off we were looking for, though even this one had a couple of hitches.

That’s Rafael Souza with the “I got him… no, now I got him! Okay, this time I really got him!” knockout. Not something you see too often.

JM: I’m not entirely sure why I like this KO as much as I do but boy, I sure do love it. Maybe it’s the dollar store Anderson Silva getting clobbered or maybe it’s just the full determination of each swing from Cabeca. Dude is winding up like he’s hitting a punching machine..

Seb Eubank vs. Emad Handbali
Mohammad Yahya vs. Ramadan Noaman
Maciej Sosnowski vs. Ibrahim El Sawi

AL: Over in Abu Dhabi, UAE Warriors 10 (free to watch on was going down last Friday and it featured the debut of Seb Eubank. If that name sounds familiar, he’s the son of famed pugilist/poet warrior Chris Eubank Sr. and the brother of successful boxer Chris Eubank Jr.

Seb has boxed a few times himself, but he’s now dabbling in MMA and his debut went great given the circumstances.

Those hands are as advertised. Per The National, this was supposed to be Eubank’s pro MMA debut, but it was changed to an exhibition after Emad Handbali had to step in as a last-minute replacement. Guess we’ll have to wait until Eubank’s next fight to see if he has any ground game.

JM: So like, not to be the guy to put this out there but it feels like Chris Eubank Jr. being named after his father and going into boxing and Seb Eubank not being named after his father and going into MMA... those seem like they aren’t unrelated.

AL: Check out Dr. Phil over here.

JM: All I’m saying is, my guy could have gone into poetry instead. Hell of a straight left there though.

AL: You’re the jiu-jitsu guy. How would you describe the effectiveness of Ramadan Noaman’s guard here.

JM: Well as you know I am actually a real doctor, and in my professional doctor opinion, I’d have to say, very ineffective.

AL: In other unfortunate short-notice circumstances, Ibrahim El Sawi stepped in to fight Maciej Sosnowski when Sosnowski’s original opponent bowed out due to high blood pressure (per Tapology). There was no Cinderella story here as Maciej turned it on at the end of round one and just mauled El Sawi.

JM: Dr. Jed’s diagnosis: “You got choked the f*ck out.”

AL: I really regret starting this doctor thing.

Christian Aguilera vs. Glaucio Eliziario

LFA 81 (available on UFC Fight Pass) didn’t have the same abundance of spectacular finishes that we’re used to seeing in the promotion, but we weren’t going to leave out this wonderful “Showtime hammerfist” from Christian Aguilera.

I’ll tell you something, there ain’t no other man that I can imagine attempting a move like this.

Aguilera won a unanimous decision to improve to 13-6.

JM: Since we’re already deep into Dr. Jed territory might as well let this dog hunt: Do you think Christian Aguilera has some latent anger issues stemming from growing up with basically the same name as one of the biggest female pop sensations in the world?

AL: We can’t rule it out.

JM: Is that why he turned to fighting?Also, how many times have his friends called him “Lady Marmalade?” 5,000?

All that being said, if “The Beast” (C’MON DUDE!!) doesn’t use Genie in a Bottle as his walkout song, what are we even doing here?

Mihail Nica vs. Francesco Cosmi
Reda Ougdou vs. Alexandru Negrea

AL: As is so often the case, our best knockouts of the week came from the kickboxing world. Last Saturday, Milan hosted PetrosyanMania: 2020 Gold Edition, and Mihail Nica and Reda Ougdou rang in the festivities with some stunning leg work.

JM: Damn dude. No Dr. Jed here. Just a good, old-fashioned appreciation for quality kick-fighting.

We may have to switch to just being a kickboxing column from now on because those were friggin’ sick. Sure, MMA provides us the weird things I personally can’t get enough of (RIP CamSoda Legends - gone but never forgotten) but I’m not sure we’ve seen anything in MMA this year as spectacularly skillful and violent as those two KOs.

That counter head kick is devastatingly incredible. And the knee? Sublime.

AL: And let’s not forget that kickboxing is all about the love too.

Take us out, Petchdam!


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