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Colby Covington demands immediate rematch with UFC champ Kamaru Usman, says ‘fixed’ and ‘corrupt’ fight cost him title

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Colby Covington has finally broken his silence in the wake of his loss at UFC 245, and he’s got a lot to say about his fight against Kamaru Usman.

The former interim champion suffered a TKO in the closing moments of the main event from Las Vegas. But Covington feels like the cards were stacked against him after a pair of fouls in the second and third round stopped his momentum, and then referee Marc Goddard called an early stoppage to the fight.

“I went out there and I beat up ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ for 24 minutes until the ref had to stop the fight on a fake stoppage – a bullsh*t stoppage,” Covington told MMA Fighting on Monday. “[A stoppage] where I was completely coherent and still in the fight, and he just blatantly stopped the fight, after there was a foul, too. He’s hitting me in the back of the head four times and he blatantly calls the fight, because he knows he doesn’t want it to go to the judges’ scorecards cause I could win.

“I was fighting against two people that night. Against ‘Marc Not So Goodard’ and against ‘Marty Fakenewsman.’ Why would I hang my head about that? I went out there and fought my ass off. I went through the championship rounds and people saw how tough I was, and they know who the best welterweight in the world is, and that’s Colby “Chaos” Covington.”

Covington hadn’t fully addressed his thoughts on the fight until now. But he said it didn’t take him long to actually go back to watch what unfolded. It only took a second viewing for the outspoken welterweight to see several occasions where he believes Goddard made the wrong call concerning two separate fouls that ultimately benefitted Usman and allowed him to continue.

“In the second round, that’s a huge momentum shift when I kick him in the liver and ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ says ‘oh it’s a nut shot,’ and he looks for Marc Goddard because he’s literally about to fold up because his organs are shutting down on him, and he wants to quit the fight,” Covington said. “‘Oh Marc Goddard save me, nut shot, nut shot!’ Give him a couple minutes to recover. That’s a huge momentum shift.

“Do you not realize that? Are the people that stupid and that dumb that they can’t go rewatch that fight and analyze that and say that’s a complete momentum shift in the fight. I kick him in the liver, I’m about to fold him up and hit him with shots and then I go from that to him recovering fully because he gets a five-minute break.”

The second incident came one round later when Covington points towards an eyepoke that caused another break in the fight. While he doesn’t dispute that he may have accidentally got Usman in the eye during one of the exchanges, it’s what happened afterwards that convinced him the reigning welterweight champion wanted out of the fight.

“I kick him in the right side of the head and land a high kick and wobble him,” Covington said. “He’s sliding on the Octagon with his feet and I go to chamber another kick and I barely maybe grazed my pinky across his eye — ‘Oh, eye poke!’ — but he doesn’t even sell the eye that I poked, the left eye. He sells the right eye! That’s how bad of an actor ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ is.

“When the doctor comes in, (he said), “Oh, my right eye,” (and) he’s blinking. Dude, go look at the video. I supposedly put the pinky in his left eye, but he’s selling for the right eye. Why’s he doing that? Here’s another life raft that Marc ‘Not So’ Goddard gives him and lets him get another break.”

In between the third and fourth rounds, Covington went to his corner and told his coaches that he may have suffered a broken jaw.

While he now claims that reports about a broken jaw were nothing more than “fake news,” Covington didn’t like that the UFC captured that audio and put it on the broadcast, which he feels reinvigorated Usman for the championship rounds.

“Is that legal that they can get my corner audio in between rounds? Whether my jaw is broken or it isn’t broken, to get that information in a world championship fight when there’s two rounds left to go. That’s huge information,” Covington said.

“I don’t care if you’re down and you’re completely ready to quit. That’s going to get you right up like, ‘I’ve got this guy on the ropes now.’ That’s f*cking corrupt in itself.”

The final straw came with the end of the fight, when Covington got dropped by a combination of punches from Usman and Goddard rushed into stop the contest.

“Yeah, I slip on a banana peel, he clipped me; I’m completely still in the fight,” Covington said. “I fought in a double leg [takedown]. I’m a wrestler. I grew up shooting double legs and getting guys in a sprawl position. I can relax there, I can breathe, I’m chilling. I feel comfortable there. That’s where I grew up in the wrestling mats, doing double-leg takedowns. He sprawled out – oh, (and) he’s hitting me in the back of the head, it’s clear as day on the f*cking video. Go rewatch the tape. It’s clear as day. He’s hitting me in the back of the head at least three or four times.

“When he’s hitting me in the back of the head, I even actually cover and put my hand behind it to stop it while I’m completely coherent, completely still in the fight, and all of a sudden Marc Goddard just calls the fight. I’m like are you f*cking serious? I stood up and I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’ [He says], ‘Oh Colby don’t worry about it,’ saying stupid things (like) ‘that was clearly stopped.’ If it’s clearly stopped, why am I right in your face talking to you clearly? I’m coherent. I’m completely in the fight. How do you call the fight? You rob me of a f*cking fair fight, motherf*cker.”

In his mind, Covington feels like Goddard was working against him as much as Usman, which is why he’s now demanding an automatic rematch with the welterweight title up for grabs again.

“It was two against one that f*cking night, Dec. 14 at UFC 245,” Covington said. “It wasn’t one on one. I got robbed of a one-on-one fair fight. That motherf*cker made a clear difference in that fight, and if ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ didn’t have that f*cking ref, I’d be world champion right now, and I’m going to get my f*cking rematch and it’s going to be a different story.

“What could be more wrong and corrupt that somebody could do that? For people to not see that and be clearly not biased about their opinion is absolutely pathetic. Just look at the facts. Look at the video. That fight was fixed, and that was clear enough that they need to do a rematch.”

While UFC president Dana White has stated that Usman’s next opponent will be Jorge Masvidal in a matchup tentatively booked for International Fight Week in July, Covington is standing firm that he wants his rematch sooner rather than later.

“My next fight should be the automatic rematch with ‘Marty Fakenewsman,’” Covington said. “I’m still America’s champ. I’m still Donald Trump’s favorite fighter. I’m still the people’s champion. The people want this more than ever. The people saw for their eyes. I don’t care what the promotion wants to do, because we know they do some stupid things; that’s a whole other story in itself. I’m talking what the people want. The people that paid their hard-earned money for the tickets. The people that buy your pay-per-views. The people want this rematch.

“They saw with their own eyes what happened in that fight. What happened in that fight was me beating the sh*t out of ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ for 24 minutes and then the ref completely saving him and bailing him out with a fake stoppage.”

Covington says he’ll be ready to fight by July, or even earlier if the UFC wants to book the rematch. But he makes it clear he’s only coming back for Usman – and nothing else.

“Fake nutshot, fake eye poke, fake corner audio, fake ref, fake NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission), fake everything,” Covington said. “Put this on a level playing field, it’s a completely different fight. 10 out of 10 times, I’m winning that fight every single time.”

“I’m not fighting anybody but ‘Marty Fakenewsman.’ This needs to be settled back in Vegas. They know they f*cked up.”