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Jon Jones rips Dominick Reyes for ‘delusional’ comments ahead of UFC 247

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jon Jones couldn’t help himself when he heard Dominick Reyes touting himself as the first real athlete to challenge for his light heavyweight title.

During the most recent episode of “UFC Countdown” ahead of UFC 247, Reyes said Jones “has never fought anyone with my sports IQ, he’s fought wrestlers, he’s fought strikers but never athletes.”

Needless to say, the reigning light heavyweight champion was not amused.

“He’s fought wrestlers he’s fought strikers but never athletes.” Probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while,” Jones wrote on Twitter.

Jones then went on the offensive by pointing out the athletic prowess and accomplishments for many of his past opponents, none of whom were able to beat him.

Of course, Jones couldn’t resist taking a shot at Reyes’ own background where he was a multi-sport athlete in his hometown in California but fell short when trying to make it to the NFL after dedicating himself to football.

“[Daniel Cormier] competed in the NCAA finals and in the Olympics, [Ovince Saint Preux] played Division I football, [Ryan] Bader the current double champ of Bellator, Vitor [Belfort] crazy speed and explosive, Lyoto [Machida] had been striking since age 5, Glover [Teixeira] was on a 20 fight win streak but none of those guys are athletes I guess,” Jones said.

“Dominick Reyes, one of the greatest athletes in Apple Valley history. Being a big fish in a small pond for so long has really gone to his head. Beating up on cans has got him convinced he’s a better athlete than most of the world. If he was so badass he would’ve won the California state wrestling championships, he would’ve went division one, He would have at least made a practice squad for the NFL. This man is delusional.”

Outside of their press conference encounter a couple of months ago, Jones has largely avoided confrontations with Reyes but with the days counting down until they meet, he decided now was the time to fire back.

“I got some humble pie in the oven,” Jones said in closing. “Dishing out slices in one week.”