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Kiefer Crosbie fined $500 for flipping off Iamik Furtado at Bellator 240

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Bellator 240 Photo By David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile via Getty Images

A lapse in sportsmanship has cost SBG star Kiefer Crosbie some cash after Bellator 240.

Crosbie was fined $500 for flipping off opponent Iamik Furtado during his co-headlining bout against Iamik Furtado at Bellator 240, the event’s regulator told MMA Fighting.

Crosbie, who took a split decision over Furtado, initially was fined $2,500 for violating the unified rules on abusive language, but the fine was later reduced when he showed contrition about his behavior, said Michael Mazzulli, executive Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation.

”This is a minimal fine compared to one that would be given for an NFL game on Sunday,” Mazzulli said. “We’re a mainstream sport, and we have to treat it like one.”

Bellator 240 took place this past Saturday at 3Arena in Dublin and aired on Paramount. Mazzulli serves as the de-facto commissioner for events held overseas.

Mazzulli previously has fined fighters who’ve gone outside the rules during and after bouts. He fined Richard Kiely for flipping the bird to Michael “Venom” Page during a grudge match at the Bellator Dublin this past September, and he investigated Michael “Venom” Page for taunting Kiely; Page was also deducted a point by referee Dan Miragliotta, who later said he would never referee another Page fight. Mazzulli ultimately reversed course, deciding instead to warn the fighters.

Crosbie’s win improved his Bellator record to 4-1.