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Video: James Gonzalez wins CFFC featherweight title with arm-breaking finish

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James Gonzalez attack Pat Sabatani with an arm lock Saturday at CFFC 81 in Bensalem, Pa.
@UFCFightPass, Twitter

James Gonzalez won a title on Saturday, and nearly took an arm home as well. Literally.

The 29-year-old scored one of the more gruesome submissions in recent memory, breaking Pat Sabatini’s arm just 46 seconds into the featherweight championship main event of Cage Fury Fighting Championship 81 in Bensalem, Pa.

In the clip above, it’s unclear if Sabatini offers any sort of verbal submission or tap-out, but as soon as they separate it’s obvious to the fighters, the official, and everyone watching that something has gone horribly wrong.

Gonzalez improved to 2-0 in CFFC with the win and 6-3 overall, while Sabatini—the champion entering the bout—dropped to 11-3 and saw a three-fight win streak come to an end.