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Free agent Ross Houston focused on ‘big names’, wants Michael Page: ‘I know I’d smash him’

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Dolly Clew, Cage Warriors

Former Cage Warriors welterweight champion Ross Houston believes fans would like to see spectacular welterweight Michael Page tested against a legitimate opponent, and the Scot is adamant that he would smash “Venom” if they ever faced off.

Last week, MMA Fighting broke the news that Houston had an “amicable” end to his relationship with Cage Warriors - a European promotion synonymous as a feeder league to the UFC. Statements from Houston’s management company, Black Panther Sports, stated that non-disclosure agreements were signed as Houston and Cage Warriors parted ways, and despite him not being able to comment on specific details of his release, Houston expressed excitement when considering his next move.

“We’re moving forward and we’re just going to concentrate on the future, there’s no point in dwelling on the past,” Houston told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast. “I’m feeling better than ever and I’m more hungry than ever, so bring on these top welterweights - let’s go!”

When considering the various opponents he could face across a variety of promotions, Page was one of the first challenges that came to mind for “The Hitman”.

“I like to take gambles. I’d be quite happy to take fight with some of the biggest names on the planet. You talk about Bellator, if I got offered someone like MVP – a big name – I’d take that fight in a heartbeat and I know I’d smash him because I’m not a taxi driver or a milkman. Even Douglas Lima, give him to me,” he said.

“Say if you’re training in a gym, and Floyd Mayweather walks in the gym, there are two types of people: one type of person would avoid training with [Mayweather] because they don’t want to get exposed. It’s kind of like when you’ve got these phony black belts in jiu jitsu; they don’t roll with anyone because they get exposed. Then you’ve got these hungry people who try to roll or compete with the top people because they want to test themselves to see where they’re at. I want to test my character and that’s exactly the type of person I am - I want these big names, I’m not scared of anyone and I’m confident in my skills and my mindset. I’m literally looking for the biggest names that can be given to me. And whether people think I have a chance against this guy or that guy – I don’t care, man. I’m gonna beat ’em because it’s just me against this other person in the cage.”

Houston again underlined his interest in facing off with the U.K. frontrunner.

“If that name gets put to me, we can make it happen,” Houston said. “I’ve got a world title under my belt. There are all these people saying that he can’t win against legitimate opponents – here’s his chance.”

Initially, MMA Fighting learned that three promotions are vying for Houston’s signature, but as far as he’s concerned, there could be even more organizations interested in securing his services now.

“I think there might be more [than three interested promotions] to be honest. It’s a cool feeling. Obviously, all those years back, I just started this as a hobby. Over the years it kind of spiraled and got bigger and bigger. Now I’m hearing all these big promotions are after me. There are promotions in America, Asia and Europe that are interested and ‘The Hitman’ is going to be unleashed. We have some big targets in our sights.”

Ross Houston joined the latest episode of Eurobash. His interview begins at 1:16:00.