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KSW 57 video: Marian Ziolkowski earns lightweight belt with devastating body shot

UFC and Bellator vet Philip De Fries remains the KSW heavyweight champ, and the Polish promotion has a new lightweight champ after Marian Ziolkowski landed a brutal body kick at KSW 57.

De Fries pounded out Michal Kita at the 0:50 mark of the second round with a flurry of ground and pound, while Ziolkowski stopped opponent Roman Szymanski at the 4:01 mark of the fourth frame with a left kick.

Check out the finishes.

Before his win on Saturday, De Fries spoke to MMA Fighting about his struggles with anxiety and turning things around with treatment and medication. He has won seven straight fights and is 10-3 since his octagon run ended in 2013.

Ziolkowski picks up his biggest win in the KSW cage, where he is 3-2.