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James Krause details beef with Joaquin Buckley: ‘I’ve never heard a good word said about him’

James Krause wants to make it clear that while the animosity between him and Joaquin Buckley isn’t anything too dramatic, it is very, very real.

A week after Buckley became a viral sensation for his one-of-a-kind knockout of Impa Kasanganay at UFC Fight Island 5, his name remained in the headlines when Krause was asked about a supposed beef was mentioned by Buckley in a recent episode of What the Heck. He used some colorful language to describe Buckley that evening and not in a positive way.

This week, Krause appeared on What the Heck to clarify that his opinion of Buckley doesn’t just stem from social media, it’s also been formed by what he’s heard from other gyms and his own interaction with Buckley.

“He messaged me probably five or six weeks ago and asked if he could come train,” Krause said on What the Heck. “I pretty much just told him no. I said no. Listen, I know people just ‘met him’ from his viral video. He’s from St. Louis, he’s not too far from me. He’s been kicked out of every gym in St. Louis, I’ve never heard a good word said about him.

“He messages me, basically saying he doesn’t want to train, he wants to come spar. I said, ‘I’m not interested. That’s not how it works here. We don’t even spar hard here. What you’re looking for is not what we’re doing.’ I said pretty much, ‘No, you’re not a good fit.’”

Krause added that he’s happy to share any messages that took place between himself and Buckley, scoffing at the notion that there is some “bro code” that prevents him from doing so. He’d be even happier to share the octagon with Buckley in the future.

Currently, Buckley is scheduled to fight Jordan Wright on Nov. 21, while Krause is fresh off of a win against Claudio Silva at UFC Fight Island 6. Should Buckley’s schedule align with his at some point, Krause welcomes the matchup.

“He got lippy with me and said that it’s obvious that he would do me and my guys dirty or some sh*t like that,” Krause said. “I said, ‘Dude, I’ve been in the UFC longer than you’ve been fighting. Miss me with that sh*t. If you think I’m scared of you, you better get on with yourself. Ain’t nobody afraid of you here, I’ll tell you that right now.’ And that was pretty much the extent of it

“I don’t know why people are making it out to be this big deal. He doesn’t like me, I don’t like him. He asked to come, I said no. He doesn’t like it, sorry, get over it. That’s pretty much the extent of it. He wants to fight me. Send the contract.”

Buckley has said he’s open to fighting Krause at welterweight or middleweight, the latter division one that Krause has only competed in once. The 13-year vet made a temporary jump up to 185 pounds to fight Trevin Giles at UFC 247 this past February when the opportunity came to step in as a replacement opponent on less than a day’s notice. Krause lost that bout by split decision, but is unbeaten in his past five bouts at 170 pounds.

Krause isn’t surprised that the larger Buckley would call him out given that he claims Buckley also called for a fight with another member of Krause’s team, lightweight Trey Ogden. That was another reason that Buckley has rubbed Krause the wrong way.

“I don’t want to make this an ongoing feud because it’s not,” Krause said. “I don’t care about him enough to have an ongoing feud. I just don’t have a lot of respect for somebody that consistently is calling out somebody smaller than them. I don’t see heavyweights calling him out. We’re talking about a two weight class difference. Like, why are you calling out a lightweight?

“And now he wants to fight me. Okay, at what weight? ‘70? ‘85? I know what’s he’s gonna say, ‘Well, you fought at ‘85.’ Okay, yeah, I did, I fought at ‘85 one time in my entire career. And I will fight him at ‘85, I don’t care. But I just don’t have a lot of respect for somebody that does that. It’s a b*tch move where I come from.”

At the moment, Krause isn’t planning to fight again before the end of the year and if he were to fight Buckley he’d prefer that it be at 170 pounds. Beyond that, he believes that Buckley can still make amends with him even if the two don’t see eye-to-eye philosophically.

And as much hype as Buckley has behind him, Krause is looking forward to facing a less experienced opponent.

“I would love to fight a guy that’s got two fights in the UFC,” Krause said. “That would be amazing.”

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