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Jorge Masvidal welcomes the chance to ‘resurrect’ Georges St-Pierre’s career only to ‘break his face’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

If Georges St-Pierre ever considers a return from retirement, Jorge Masvidal would be more than happy to welcome him back.

The UFC’s first and possibly only “BMF” champion joins reigning welterweight king Kamaru Usman as fighters who would love the opportunity to face St-Pierre should he decide to compete again.

St-Pierre retired last year after his attempts to make a fight with lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov fell apart, although he’s always left the door open for a potential return if the right opportunity came up for him. At 38, St-Pierre knows he doesn’t have many fights left in him but he also acknowledges the interest in pursuing opponents who could help add onto his already stellar legacy.

When it comes to his skills and accomplishments in the sport, Masvidal has the utmost respect for St-Pierre but that also means he’s going to try that much harder to send him packing back into retirement if they ever get the chance to meet in the Octagon.

“Well, they’ve said this about me, that I resurrect fighters and then I retire them again. So, I wouldn’t mind if GSP jumped on that campaign,” Masvidal said when speaking to Submission Radio. “In all honestly, as a competitor, I want to f*cking break his face. I want to go out there and give him everything I got. But I respect the time what he’s done.

“He took I don’t know how many years off, came back, beat Bisping for the legitimate middleweight title. Dude’s a stud. He’s a f*cking animal, bro. I would put everything into my being, into my soul, to end this individual, because he’s that good.”

Masvidal acknowledges that St-Pierre possesses the kinds of weapons that would require him to engage in one of the best training camps of his career to get ready for a fight of that magnitude.

St-Pierre hasn’t lost since 2007 and he’s avenged both of the defeats suffered during his career. He’s the longest reigning welterweight champion in UFC history with nine consecutive defenses and the Canadian star is currently riding a 13 fight win streak overall.

“He’s the type of fighter, this sh*t would require a nice training camp, isolation away from the world and just focus on the task, just day in and day out, cause he’s a hell of competitor, and I’m not taking a back seat to nobody in this division. So, I would love it,” Masvidal said.

Beyond his gaudy list of accolades, St-Pierre has always been considered one of the toughest matchups for anybody in the sport. He’s been a blinding combination of grappling prowess, dynamic striking with conditioning that allowed him to go all five rounds eight times during his UFC career.

While he no longer holds the UFC welterweight title, Masvidal still puts St-Pierre ahead of Usman in terms of his standing in the division.

“You can’t compare Usman to GSP or nothing,” Masvidal said. “Even if he’d be a bad style for GSP or not—which I don’t think he is—you couldn’t compare them. And then after GSP because of the sheer volume and stuff, I definitely throw my boy [Tyron] Woodley in there, Robbie Lawler as well. I mean, welterweight has just had some psychopaths in that weight class that are just mean individuals, that are athletic as hell.

“I mean, Robbie was just sheer violence when he had that title. Same thing with Woodley, man. With Woodley, all it takes is one shot and the fight is over. And he can wrestle his ass off too. So, there’s just some great studs, man. I think I got in the “who guy”—sh*t, I think I got the easy draw, man. I used to f*ck with my boy T-Wood and Robbie man. I think my work’s cut for me obviously, I don’t take nobody lightly that has two hands.”

As much as St-Pierre’s ears might be burning after hearing his name mentioned by the current UFC champion at 170 pounds and now the “BMF” champion, he’s remained quiet on the subject without any indication that he plans to return to the sport.

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