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PFL introduces one-night tournament series to bulk up 2020 roster


The PFL is scouring the globe to bolster its roster.

The league plans to work with several international promotions to organize a series of one-night tournaments that will send winners to its 2020 season, MMA Fighting confirmed with officials following a report from ESPN.

Five, four-fighter tournaments will send winners to participate in the PFL’s 2020 season. Promotions from United Arab Emirates, Russia, Germany, Brazil, and Australia will host the competitions.

ESPN was first to confirm the co-promotion news with the league. The plan was initially reported to be in the works by KUMITE TV.

The tournaments are expected to take place in February and March. So far, United Arab Emirates-based promotion UAE Warriors has been designated as the host for a PFL International Qualifier Series tournament. The event takes place March 20 in Abu Dhabi and should produce a contender at 145 pounds.

The remaining tournaments are expected to be for spots on the lightweight, light heavyweight, and women’s lightweight roster, though that has not been finalized.

“We’re excited to accelerate growth outside of the United States through the International Qualifier Series, a global fight twice in one-night tournament designed to identify and recruit the best MMA fighters from five priority markets around the world,” PFL CEO Peter Murray said in a statement to ESPN. “We look forward to working with UAE Warriors in the Middle East, a region with an affinity for combat sports and an impressive crop of high-caliber fighters.

“This is a unique challenge, and we’ll see if these athletes have what it takes to fight for the PFL and compete for a title and million-dollar prize.”

Currently, the PFL season is comprised of a regular season in which every fighter competes twice in an effort to earn points towards the postseason, as well as an eight-person playoff series (except for the 2019 women’s lightweight tournament, which was only a four-person playoff). Each season’s winners earn a $1,000,000 prize and a league championship.

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