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Former MMA fighter, vigilante ‘Phoenix Jones’ facing drug charges

Phoenix Jones (Peter Tangen, WSOF)
Ben Fodor a.k.a. “Phoenix Jones”
Peter Tangen, World Series of Fighting

Would-be superhero “Phoenix Jones” is in some very real legal trouble.

Jones, an MMA fighter whose real name is Benjamin Fodor, is facing multiple drug charges after allegedly being caught selling Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) by an undercover officer, according to a report from Seattle’s KOMA News citing a King County District Clerk filing.

Per KOMA, a Seattle Police Department filing revealed that the 31-year-old’s arrest was part of a sting operation that took place in from November of last year to January. Fodor initially made a deal to sell an undercover detective MDMA on Nov. 21, and later with an accomplice identified as Andrea Irene Berendsen, he again met an agent on Jan. 9. On the second occasion, investigators found four grams of cocaine along with other suspicious substances.

Fodor and Berendsen were taken to King County Jail on Jan. 10 and are currently facing drug charges related to both the November and January incidents. An arraignment for Fodor has been scheduled for Feb. 3, according to King County Superior Court Clerk’s Office online records.

A former World Series of Fighting fighter who sports a 7-3-1 pro record, Fodor is well known to Seattle authorities as he has patrolled the city for years in his Phoenix Jones superhero persona. Fodor went as far as to create a black and gold costume to go along with the alter ego, as well as employing a bulletproof vest and a rubber-bullet shooting gun in his vigilante work.

Last March, Fodor told that he was retiring the Phoenix Jones persona.

Fodor last competed in MMA on Oct. 14, 2017, when he lost a unanimous decision to Austin Vanderford.

(h/t Bloody Elbow)

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