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Conor McGregor laughs off Jorge Masvidal’s attempt to get his attention at UFC 246

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but Conor McGregor might disagree.

As the former two-division champion rattled a left high kick off Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s head in the UFC 246 main event, Jorge Masvidal sat cageside in anticipation of catching McGregor’s attention afterward.

He was not only in attendance as a special guest fighter, but the reigning “BMF” champion wore the same Versace robe that McGregor wrapped around himself during an open workout for his 2017 boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

Apparently wearing the robe out in public isn’t the same as putting it on after an intense training session, and McGregor couldn’t help himself when given the chance to mock Masvidal’s fight night attire.

“Talk about blowing it,” McGregor said when reacting to Masvidal’s outfit at UFC 246. “If you ask me, that was ridiculous. I don’t know what was going on there. The old ladies in Ireland wear the house coats watching soap operas.

“So I’m like what’s this guy sitting there? I don’t know, whatever, all the best. I know what it is [wearing the same robe]. Why? I don’t know either. I’m just whatever. I don’t know.”

When it came to a possible fight with Masvidal in the future, McGregor wasn’t ready to commit to any particular opponent following his win over Cerrone. But he did say he wanted to stay active in 2020.

He added that a showdown against Masvidal would interest him, but he’s certainly not singling him out as the only opponent he would face next.

“Of course [I would fight him], let’s see what happens,” McGregor said. “I’d like to scoop up — that’s not a great belt is it? But I’ll still take it. Add it to the list.”

There are a long list of options available right now, but if Masvidal’s wardrobe was chosen to draw McGregor’s ire, it may have backfired rather spectacularly.

“It wasn’t a good night for Jorge if you ask me,” McGregor said. “All the best to him. God loves a trier.”

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