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UFC 246 results: Aleksei Oleinik wraps up 46th career submission with armbar against Maurice Greene

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Aleksei Oleinik had to dig deep in his arsenal before finally wrapping up an armbar to finish Maurice Greene on the UFC 246 main card.

It was the 46th time in his career that the Russian put away an opponent by submission with this fight coming to an end at 4:38 into the second round.

“They don’t want to wrestle with me but I do everything that I can,” Oleinik said about the finish after Greene put up a valiant effort until the very end.

Taking on a noted kickboxer like Greene had Oleinik immediately searching for the takedown as soon as the fighters were released from the corner and it looked like he might stop the fight before he really got started.

Oleinik positioned himself for one of his famous Ezekiel chokes but Greene resisted the submission and stayed out of trouble. From there, the 42-year-old veteran looked for a scarf hold from the top but no matter how much his vice-like grip tightened up around Greene’s head and neck, the former Ultimate Fighter contender refused to give up.

As the second round got started it was clear that Oleinik’s decision to go all out for that submission left him with rubber arms as he was trying to avoid Greene’s powerful strikes seeking the knockout.

Oleinik weathered the storm and eventually secured the takedown, which put Greene on the defensive yet again. Seizing on an opening for an armbar, Oleinik locked up the hold and then fell straight down to his belly.

Greene desperately tried to slip free but this time there was no escape. He was forced to tap out or risk further damage being done to his arm.

After dropping his past two fights in a row, Oleinik returned with a win at UFC 246 while earning his sixth submission inside the Octagon, which moves him closer to the all-time record in the heavyweight division currently held by Frank Mir with eight.