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Jai Herbert campaigns for spot alongside teammate Leon Edwards at UFC London

Following a sensational, title-winning year, Cage Warriors lightweight champion Jai Herbert is adamant his octagon debut should come at UFC London alongside his Renegade teammate Leon Edwards.

Herbert points out he’s not the only one. Fans and media have called for him to get the call ahead of the promotion’s annual London event. He was also featured on MMA Fighting’s “Top European Prospects to Watch in 2020” feature earlier this week.

I hope something big is coming, but I’m still waiting on the phone call, to be honest with you,” Herbert told MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast.

A bout between Edwards and Tyron Woodley is reportedly in the works to headline the event in the English capital on March 21. And while Herbert has yet to hear anything about a contract, he’s still got plenty of time to get ready for the London card.

“I think it will happen, but it might not happen as soon as we’re expecting,” he added. “Then again, they might just ring and say, ‘Yeah, you’re in.’ From what they’re saying, I think [UFC] have to cut a few guys before I get in.

“I understand that it’s a business at the end of the day, and they can’t keep employing people as such. They have to cut guys to keep the roster down to a certain amount of fighters. I understand that, but I think they’ll get me in. What I’m doing is, I’m getting ready anyway for when the call (comes). I’m gonna stay ready – that’s what you have to do.”

For Herbert, playing a support role to “Rocky” Edwards would be the perfect entry to the big leagues. He said Edwards’ success in the UFC could lead to a breakout moment for fighters from the midlands of England.

“(Edwards headlining) would be the best way for me to get my name out and to get me the big names like I want – I’m after those big names,” he said. “It’s like ... SBG and Conor (McGregor). He brought all them through, didn’t he? That’s what I think about Leon, he’s gonna start bringing people through, and that shows how much talent is in the midlands and Birmingham at the minute.

“I feel we’re the best team in Europe, to be fair. We’ve got some top-level guys there, and we’ve got some more people who just joined that are top-level too, so the takeover continues.”

Check out the Jai Herbert interview from Eurobash. It begins at 24:00.

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