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Colby Covington trashes Jorge Masvidal as welterweight title picture gets murkier

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Colby Covington obviously believes there’s no friendship when it comes to UFC titles.

The former interim welterweight champion, who has called Jorge Masvidal one of his best friends, unleashed on his American Top Team teammate on social media on Friday.

The cause for the attack comes after negotiations to put Covington into a title fight against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman hit a brick wall just recently. The deal to put together Usman vs. Covington at UFC 244 in New York turned so volatile in fact that Masvidal was eventually offered a title shot instead.

While no contracts have been signed and any welterweight title fight is far from official, Masvidal then set his sights back on a showdown with Nate Diaz, which was the matchup most believed would happen after UFC 241 in August.

Diaz called out Masvidal following his win over Anthony Pettis and the two of them appeared to be on a collision course for a fight later this year.

Now Covington is taking aim at Masvidal much like he once did with former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, who was previously a training partner of his at the same Coconut Creek, Fla. based gym.

“Jorge Masvidal, I know you’re dumb and desperate, but you spelled JOURNEYMAN TITLE wrong junior,” Covington wrote on Twitter. “Reading is fundamental and ‘super necessary’.

“Just like WINNING is ‘super necessary’ to get title fights. You should try both sometime, you trash bag.”

Covington has avoided a verbal assault on Masvidal in the past while stating that if the two of them ultimately had to fight for the title, they would gladly clash inside the Octagon with both going home well paid.

Now it appears this latest drama in the welterweight title picture has cause a fracture between the teammates with Covington seemingly burying whatever relationship he had with Masvidal in a single message on social media.

Masvidal has been quite vocal as well lately when responding to both Usman and Diaz about potential fights so it seems like only a matter of time before he fires back at Covington as the welterweight division may have just birthed a new rivalry.

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