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Gegard Mousasi condemns Rafael Lovato Jr. as a cheater, promises ‘if I lose [the rematch], I’ll retire’

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Gegard Mousasi pulled no punches on the topic of Bellator middleweight champion Rafael Lovato Jr. after his split decision win over Lyoto Machida on Saturday night.

Mousasi lost the title to Lovato Jr. back in June in a five-round majority decision, but the result of that fight never sat well with him. Immediately after avenging his 2014 loss to Machida, Mousasi turned his attention back to Lovato Jr. with hopes of booking a rematch sooner rather than later.

“Next fight I’m going to kill him,” Mousasi said when addressing Lovato Jr. “I swear to God if I don’t knock him out, I don’t count it as victory. Because I know what I can do and he will die, literally. You will see. I will knock him out 100 percent. I guarantee you that.

“If I lose [the rematch], I’ll retire I’ll promise you. I’m not kidding, because I’m not trying to sell a fight. I know what I can do. Next fight will be extra special because I’m going to be an extra special boy.”

From there, Mousasi called Lovato Jr. a cheater while accusing the grappling specialist of using performance-enhancing drugs ahead of their first meeting.

According to Mousasi, it doesn’t take anything more than the eye test to figure out Lovato Jr. wasn’t all natural when he stepped into the cage to face him in London earlier this year.

“That guy looked like a horse,” Mousasi said. “You guys are reporters but you don’t even report on that. You can see a difference with a picture of him and then he looked like he’s muscular when he’s 35. You guys can watch, you should report that. Take a picture next to each other, it’s day and night difference. That’s not even a little bit of steroids. That’s like monkey steroids. You guys go check it out. I can post pictures for you guys if you want.

“He looked twice as big at the weigh-in. His nipples were hard like a woman. Watch it, I’m not kidding. I’m not trying to be funny. He could have given milk to babies.”

Obviously, Mousasi has spoken out against performance enhancing drug use in mixed martial arts for several years ,and this certainly isn’t the first time he’s pointed the finger at a past opponent who he believes was cheating.

Even by past standards, however, Mousasi was going above and beyond when taking aim at Lovato Jr. as he plots a rematch with plans to take back the Bellator middleweight title.

“Everybody knows he was on steroids but people call me bad loser. Maybe I am a little bit but I should have beat him anyway,” Mousasi said. “My head wasn’t in it.

“I hurt him in the third round, I hurt him in the fourth round. I f—ked up myself so I’m blaming myself but the juice helped him also.”